Cover Letter/Resume Sample for Biochemistry Graduates

Opp Rivers
Box, 1111, Keita
Nairobi, Kenya
[email protected]


Mr. Markeh Seriel
Human Resource Officer
Delcam Chemical Ltd

Dear Mr. Serial,

Re: Clinical Biochemist

With regard to your job post on the 20th of March, 2013 for the position of Clinical Biochemist, I wish to put in my resume. I am a degree holder in Biochemistry from AIT College of Chemistry in London with distinction in certification. Since graduating, I have worked as a Clinical Biochemist for reputable Pharmaceutical Companies in the Sub-Saharan region for ten years.

Most of my job experience in Clinical Biochemistry includes carrying out complex biomedical analyses on body tissues, predicting and auditing diagnostic performance test during international awareness program on quality assurance, managing bio labs in the sub region of my recent job place and conducting research in modern trend in molecular biochemical techniques.

I have won the best biochemist in the Sub-Saharan region organized by the African Industrial Association of Biochemist, a position which gives me huge confidence with regard to career aspiration.

I am excited about the current position at Delcam Chemical Ltd since my career destination is to finally work with your reputable outfit which gives credence to career development and research enhancement. I am fully aware of how competitive this position will be but confident my experience will put me ahead of other competitive candidates.

I am eagerly awaiting a scheduled interview with your outfit to further discuss my qualification and experience in regard to Clinical Biochemistry.



[Your Name]