Cover Letter/Resume Sample for an Insurance Graduate

Mkie Bless
Lagos Avenue Road
Box, 22 – Nairobi Kenya
Nairobi, 333-444-444
[email protected]


Mr. Jude Nortey
Human Resource Manager
Providence Insurance Inc
Line 1 Street Nairobi
Box, 345, Bagual two
Nairobi, + 2233

Dear Mr. Nortey:

I am writing this cover letter to your company regarding the open Insurance Broker job position with Providence Insurance Inc. I am an Auditor with a degree in Accounting and a professional certification as an auditor

As detailed from my enclosed resume, I have worked with Starbye Insurance Company Ltd for more than five years in the area of clientele information gathering, foreseeing client insurance setbacks, reviewing and amending existing policies when necessary and updating the records with the changes in the insurance markets

My resume shows my work experience and hard work promotions from an Insurer to a Manager at Starbye Insurance. This reward is as a result of my dedication to the job and qualification as an expertise in Insurance.

Besides my technical qualification is my exceptional written and oral communication skills and the ability to liaise effectively with clients and colleagues at the workplace

I am excited with the prospects at Providence Insurance and looking forward to a scheduled interview. I will be happy to discuss my work experience and qualification into details.


[Your Name]

Career Path and Job Description of Insurance Brokers

Insurance broker is a person who is responsible for negotiating between clients and companies especially insurance. It is the responsibility for the broker to negotiate reasonably good insurance cover on behalf of their clients.  For the Insurance broker, it is all about finding the best deal for their clients using top policies and unique strategies

An Insurance broker can study Business from the University as a Bachelor’s degree and possess a clean criminal record. It is also important as a Broker to get certification in your area as a certified broker. Another keen interest of clients towards brokers is whether they want to make money from them by selling them life policies they don’t really need. As a broker, trust and transparency in dealing with your client is very important.

As a skill, Insurance brokers are expected to be: excellent in communication, self-explanatory, have great decision skills, very analytical, must be reliable and confident in presentation and finally must always be on time. For clients to trust you as a broker, one must earn the skills listed.

As a broker, one has vast job opportunities available. An Insurance broker can work with large and medium broker companies, Risk management departments of insurance firms and reinsurance companies.

A broker working on behalf of a company be it an individual or commercial organization is expected to perform the following job description:

  • Advising clients on best policies to adopt. Whether a client needs a claim on policies also depends on them
  • Brokers are involved in assessing the insurance needs for their clients.
  • Must be a researcher and interested in new insurance market strategies and policies. A broker is expected to be smart and be ahead of the market
  • Insurance brokers are also expected to be predictive. Every insurance policy they agree on must be towards the future. The sustainability and credibility of such a policy is important for their clients.
  • A broker is also expected to collect insurance premiums on behalf of third-party.