Cover Letter/Resume Sample for a Law Graduate

Michael Deh

Box, 22, Nairobi, Kenya | 0563000222 | [email protected]


Mr. Kofi Blanc

Human Resource Manager

Box 22, Kojo Krom

Dear Mr. Blanc

I am writing this application in regard to the vacant position of a Lawyer in your reputable legal firm

I hold LLB from the University of Nairobi in Kenya and called to the Kenya Bar on the 20th March, 2013.  I started my legal professional with Nobe Legal Firm in 2009 after completing my higher education and have successfully represented hundreds of clients since then.

Aside my legal brain, I possess good interpersonal and negotiation skills with ability to liaise effectively with clients and the court system. Most of my work on behalf of my client includes negotiating with other lawyers, supervising official agreements between parties and drawing up contracts and creating documents

I am comfortable working under pressure and competent in spoken and written communication abilities.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet your reputable legal firm to further elaborate on my qualification and experience. I am excited by the prospects in career build up in your legal firm and await anxiously for an interview call up.


Michael Deh

Career Prospects of a Lawyer

‘I’d wanted to be a Lawyer’. The law professional is unique and one of the respected professions in the world. A Lawyer gives a legal advice and assistant to clients and often represents them in court. To become a lawyer, one must attend a Law School. First you must complete a four year undergraduate studies in a University and a top up of three years in a Law School. A lawyer is a defender of the constitution and respects the rule of law especially when a verdict goes against the individual.

As a Legal brain, one can specialize in Government Law, Human Rights Law, Estate Law, Employment Law, Criminal Defense Attorney, Civil Rights Attorney, Corporate Law and Bankruptcy Law. It is a must for a lawyer to select a field and be a Master in chosen field.

With the complex nature of human life especially in family business, corporate and institutions, the value of a lawyer cannot be underestimated. Lawyers help the federal state to recover money and defend the state against intruders. Lawyers also help employees and employers

Most believe the law professional is also a dangerous one since life and property are often threatened especially in court cases.

As a Lawyer, one is faced with Legal task such as

  • Explaining the legal implication of action and inactions to clients
  • Signing legal documents as a binding contract of their clients
  • Lawyers are guarantors and business executors
  • Lawyers uphold the constitution of state institutions and amend them if necessary
  • Termination of contract employment agreements between employers and employees
  • Researching, especially in gathering evidence
  • Lawyers analyze legal documents to their clients. Since such documents can contain hidden clauses
  • Lawyers also have the right to file appeals in court. This can be done through the appeal system
  • Lawyers also protect the interest of the public. In matters of waste disposal, environmental pollutions etc.