Cover Letter/Resume Sample for Psychologist

Mawusi Derklin

Box, 32, Nairobi – Kenya | 023002203030 | [email protected]


Mr. Amenke Jnr

Human Resource Manager

Oxfold Health and Mental Clinic



Dear Mr Amenke,

Re: Clinical Psychologist

With regard to your advertisement for the position of Clinical Psychologist in your reputable hospital, I wish to put in my application for this position. I hold an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology from Oxford University with distinction.

In my current duty post, I have worked in my capacity as a Psychologist to reduce the distress and improve the psychological well-being of clients. Most of expertise in relations to health problem are in the area of depression and neurological disorder; additive behaviours; eating disorders and physical illness

I respect the confidentiality agreement with clients and maintain a good interpersonal relationship with them to the extent of supporting and counselling their families when necessary. I also maintain a formal but good relationship with my colleague workers and subdue myself to company policies in the area of Clinical Psychology and job ethics.

I am ready and eager to meet your reputable health outfit to further discuss my experience and qualifications. I believe this is a perfect place for career build up and advancement.


Mawusi Derklin

Career Prospects and Job Description of a Psychologist

The Study of human mind and behavior is called Psychology. As a Psychologist, one is task with the ability to investigate the cognitive aspects of human behavior in the society. One of the popular types of Psychology is Clinical Psychology. They are in charge of the mental well-being of their clients. Another emerging Psychology area is Counseling Psychology. Psychologist in this area use human relations, theory and research in given clients a therapy.

To become a Psychologist, one must be interested in the effect of the environment on human being. Not only that, one must also obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from a reputable University.

Psychologist keep a clean working environment with most of their work mainly indoors. As a Psychologist, one must be ready to respond to distress calls even in the middle of the night. It is a type of job where the working hours is rarely defined.

Let me talk a little about Clinical Psychologist since this is the largest specialty in this field. Clinical Psychologists work in hospitals, health care institutions and in counselling centers. Their main duty is to health depressed and mental patients to gradually return back to normalcy. One is also expected to give diagnostic test and abreast himself with current trends.

Psychologists and Medical Doctors work together in health institutions put have a separate job description. Though Psychologist through query can know the physical conditions of human being they are not expected to operate such individuals

In everyday Psychologist life, they perform a wide range of duties including

  • Offering medical therapy and treatment to their patients especially those affected with depression or mental imbalance
  • Psychologist carry out detailed research on behavior of their clients to identify similar or modern trends. This helps them to prescribe the right therapy for their clients
  • Careful explanation of Psychological taught to their clients.
  • Assessing the mental condition of patients. This can be done through simple examination of mind games. Psychologist play most of the time with our mind to discover defects.