Cover Letter/Resume Sample for Zoologist

Tony James
Mark Avenue Street
[Address 2]
Nairobi, + 22333
[email protected]

October 26, 2013

Mr. Iuy Terla
Human Resource Manager
Nairobi University


Re: Research Zoologist

I am applying for the position of Research Zoologist which has become vacant in your reputable University. I hold a Master degree in Zoology with major in Entomology from West End University in United Kingdom. Currently, I am working with the Kenyatta University as a Research Assistant.

I am experienced in animal research especially with the study of insects. I have also been involved in most of the department’s research especially in inserts discovery and taxonomy. During my Masters, I published two articles with Z and Y journals. My articles has gained international recognition and awards both in Nairobi and Abroad.

As a Researcher, most of work is done in a team. I have developed a strong working relationship with my colleagues. My exceptional interpersonal and communication skills is a good fit for any team work.

I am excited with the prospect at Nairobi University and looking forward to a schedule interview at your convenience.


[Your Name]

Career Path of a Zoologist

A zoologist is a person who studies animals and their interaction with other animals and   environment. Some aspects of their study have to do with studying the behavior, physiology, ecology, the biochemistry and the classification of these organisms etc. for one to be a zoologist; he or she has to have a background in chemistry, physics, some mathematics and more importantly biology. A first degree qualification in zoology or biology is minimum requirement for a person to be a zoologist. It is important to know that a person who is interested in zoology should thus have a major interest in research. There is another aspect of zoology that has become hot cake and that is the conservation of animals and more especially the endangered species and their habitats.

There are various areas that a person can choose to major or specialize in the field of zoology. The fields are the study of mammals, reptiles, entomology, birds, fish, ecology, anatomy, physiology, parasitology, ethology taxonomy, classification etc.

Many schools offer zoology degrees all over the world. The only problem that distinguishes some schools from others is the availability of equipment and facilities for practical work. Some of the schools are University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Guam, University of Kansas, University of Ghana, University of Maine and many others.

For a zoologist to maintain his or her name in the science field he has to take interest in research work and the publication of research results in journals and books. It is good to associate with other scientists to enhance network, share ideas and to broaden ones knowledge in his field.

Being a zoologist comes with the furthering of education after undergraduate studies to a masters degree in any field of choice. A Doctorate degree in any field of zoology will qualify the person to be a lecturer in any University in the world.

Jobs related directly to the field of entomology are Ecologist, Parasitologist, Lecturing, Research Scientist, Marine Scientist, Nature Conservation Officer, Biology teacher etc.