14 Sep 2021

Contractor, Coordinated support for Routine Immunization and Polio at UNICEF

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Job Description

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Job Summary

Provide: Technical Assistance to the National Immunization Program to Effectively Implement Routine Immunization and Polio Eradication Strategies


Immunization remains the most cost-effective high impact intervention against vaccine preventable diseases like measles and polio and has saved millions of lives globally. While Africa has been certified polio free, the threat of polio is still present due to continued reporting of wild polio virus cases in the 2 endemic countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan and continued isolation of the circulating vaccine derived polio virus type 2 in the Horn of Africa countries of Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia. Kenya remains at high risk of polio and measles due to low population immunity across several counties and population movements and the presence of refugees from neighboring South Sudan and Somalia.

Following the isolation of cVDPV2 from the environment in Kenya from a 11-month-old female child in November 2020 and environmental samples in December 2020, two rounds of vaccination campaigns have been conducted in 13 high risk counties with suboptimal coverage in several sub-counties being reported. The HoA countries currently plans to conduct synchronized vaccination campaign in 2022 using the novel Oral polio vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) in 2022 with countries currently ramping up efforts to increase population immunity through routine immunization including Periodic Intensified Routine Immunization (PIRI) Strategy that will ensure all routine antigens, including MR, HPV and IPV, are administered to eligible children.


The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), Gavi and other donors seeks to ensure that future generations of children will be free from the threat of polio paralysis and highly infectious diseases like measles. Achieving the polio eradication goal depends on interrupting poliovirus transmission in the remaining endemic countries, ensuring rapid and effective responses to poliovirus outbreaks occurring in polio-free countries like Kenya and ensuring high vaccination coverage against polio virus. Immunization is a priority high impact intervention for UNICEF support globally and in Kenya. Based on this, UNICEF aims to support Kenya to increase population immunity against all types of polio through routine bOPV and IPV vaccination and potential deployment of nOPV2 in 2022 through nationwide vaccination campaign.

With the event of the Covid-19 pandemic the ability to continue to offer routine health services including immunization has come under severe strain leading to decline in immunization coverage across various antigens including for vaccines aimed at ensuring Kenya remains polio free. Kenya plans to undertake 4 Months of Intensified Routine Immunization Activities (PIRI) in all the 47 counties to address coverage gaps occasioned by the negative impact of covid-19 vaccine on health services including immunization and low population immunity against Polio and Measles due to the accumulation of unprotected children since 2017. Considering the complexity of the context, the risk of further outbreaks and the number of actors from UNICEF in both areas of focus and many competing priorities at the UNICEF KCO and National Immunization program, it has become necessary to have o board an experienced consultant to support UNICEF’s contribution to the National Immunization program and Polio eradication in Kenya including supporting the government to effectively implement the planned PIRI and other routine Immunization activities.

Scope of Work

Objective: Ensure timely and effective UNICEF strategic and operational support to the Nation Vaccines and Immunization Program (NVIP), that addresses the needs of the population and are aligned with the government/Ministry of Health (MOH) Routine Immunization plans and strategies and national and global polio strategic objectives for Kenya.

Activities and Tasks:

  1. Support the EPI manager to Plan, coordinate and monitor progress of the various technical sub-committees guiding the implementation of PIRI and other Routine Immunization activities
  2. Develop or Review and support the dissemination of the National PIRI Operational Plan in consultation with other relevant working groups
  3. Foster close coordination with in-country health and other partners and assist in the organization of regular PIRI coordination meetings, teleconferences, and updates.
  4. Support the finalization of the Gavi FPP application documents
  5. Support the EPI manager to liase and work closely with the Head of Division of Surveillance and Response and WHO to establish and strengthen MenA Surveillance System.
  6. Collaborate with MOH/WHO/UNICEF teams to organize periodic external polio outbreak response assessments as may be required and to document the closure of the current polio outbreak.
  7. Collaborate with the UNICEF C4D and NVIP communications team to ensure the preparation and update of PIRI and nOPV2 communication plans of action and the appropriate content of advocacy and messaging.
  8. Support routine immunization, new vaccine introduction (IPV2 application), HPV MAC application and implementation and vaccination campaigns as assigned by the supervisors of this assignment
  9. Undertake other assignments and responsibilities as requested by the EPI manager and UNICEF Health Specialist to support the successful implementation of GPEI and Gavi funded activities

Work relationships:

  • The consultants will work at MoH National and County level to undertake the tasks outlined above.

Note: Due to the nature of this support and an evolving program environment, deliverables will be based on a work plan developed and approved by the National EPI manager with oversight and support by the UNICEF Kenya Health Specialist (Immunization and Child Health), upon appointment.

Payment to the consultants will be monthly upon satisfactory completion of the deliverables under an approved workplan, duly authorized by the EPI manager who is the immediate supervisor of the consultants and UNICEF Health Specialist who provides oversight of the contract. UNICEF holds a right to seek feedback from the MoH and other partners on quality of work of the post holder.


  • The consultants will work under the supervision of the National EPI manager with oversight and support provided by the UNICEF Kenya Health Specialist (Immunization and Child Health).

Required Qualifications

  • Expected background and Experience
  • Post Graduate University degree in Public Health or any other relevant field of discipline.


  • At least 8 years’ experience in the areas of Routine Immunization and polio outbreak response.
  • Demonstrable experience working with government, development partners and other stakeholders in health.

Specific Technical Knowledge Required

  1. Knowledge and familiarity with routine immunization and/or Polio Eradication Efforts
  2. Previous experience supporting the health sector to respond to Polio outbreaks and introduce new vaccines
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  4. Excellent planning and organizational skills.
  5. Ability to provide quality products, with minimum supervision and to meet tight deadlines.
  6. Previous working experience with government counterpart at national and county level


  • Fluency in English


Core Values (Required)

  • Care
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Core Competencies (Required)

  • Builds and maintains partnerships [Level 2]
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and ethical awareness [Level 2]
  • Works collaboratively with others [Level 2]
  • Drives to achieve results for impact [Level 2]
  • Innovates and embraces change [Level 2]
  • Manages ambiguity and complexity [Level 2]
  • Thinks and acts strategically [Level 2]

General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

  • Consultancy will be for a maximum period of 4 months
  • The MoH and UNICEF will provide documents as needed for the assignment by the consultants
  • The MoH will provide working place for the consultants
  • The consultants will report progress monthly for all deliverables/tasks.
  • Consultants will provide own laptops/workstations.
  • Interested consultants should send their detailed CVs and a cover letter not exceeding 2 pages, which should include:
  • The consultant’s interest in the task
  • A summary of the consultant’s relevant experience
  • Any supporting evidence/documentation of successful completion of similar consultancies/tasks
  • Monthly consultancy fee for conducting the assignment.
  • Availability for assignment
  • Payment will be made upon receipt of the following:
  • A monthly report, documenting the successful completion of the tasks and deliverables to the satisfaction of UNICEF and MoH
  • Receipt of Invoice

Policy Both Parties Should Be Aware Of;

  • Under the consultancy agreements, a month is defined as 21 working days, and fees are prorated accordingly. Consultants are not paid for weekends or public holidays.
  • Consultants are not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant or Contractor.
  • For international consultants outside the duty station, signed contracts must be sent by fax or email. Signed contract copy or written agreement must be received by the office before Travel Authorization is issued.
  • No consultant may travel without a signed travel authorization prior to the commencement of the journey to the duty station.
  • Unless authorized, UNICEF will buy the tickets of the consultant. In exceptional cases, the consultant may be authorized to buy their travel tickets and shall be reimbursed at the “most economical and direct route” but this must be agreed to beforehand.
  • Consultants will not have supervisory responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.
  • Consultants will be required to sign the Health statement for consultants/Individual contractor prior to taking up the assignment, and to document that they have appropriate health insurance, including Medical Evacuation.
  • The Form ‘Designation, change or revocation of beneficiary’ must be completed by the consultants upon arrival, at the HR Section.
  • **** Please consult with HR on entitlements as many are set by UNICEF rules.

Method of Application

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Closing Date : 30 September. 2021


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