23 Jun 2022

Head of Business Development, Marketing (BDM) & Care Management (CM) at Aga Khan Hospital

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Job Description

The Aga Khan Development Network is a network of private, non-denominational development agencies founded by the Aga Khan that work primarily in the poorest parts of Asia and Africa. Aga Khan IV succeeded to the office of the 49th hereditary Imam as spiritual and administrative leader of the Shia faith-rooted Nizari Ismaili Muslim supranational union in 1957. Ismailis consist of an estimated 25–30 million adherents.


The position holder will be responsible for overseeing the business management and care management functions, engaging with all types of clients, building and strengthening relationships and sustaining and growing healthcare business.


  • Develop and strengthen corporate relationships and customer relations to increase the business’s visibility and reputation.
  • Lead the business development and marketing team and supervise their efforts/activities to introduce new campaigns and make decisions that drive sales growth.
  • Plan, coordinate, execute, track, and report the implementation of complete business plans to meet, rather, exceed, all business targets as per approved budget.
  • Develop new products in line with needs of all types of clients and customers.
  • Oversee the entire Care Management function collaborating with all stakeholders including insurance and other corporate clients, patients, care providers and ensure continuity of business with projected growths.
  • Ensure an appropriate documentation and reporting system for patient or visitor complaints/grievances is maintained and ensure all those complaints and grievances are resolved, and feedback provided in compliance with current AKHS standards and other regulatory guidelines.
  • Collaborate with all Departments, as well as all staff (medical, nursing, allied health and general) to plan and improve systems in response to needs and concerns of all stakeholders.
  • Ensure completion of departmental reports in a timely manner.

Required qualifications, attributes and experience

  • Degree in Business administration or related field from an accredited college or university.
  • Professional qualification in PR, Communications and/or Marketing, Care Management.
  • 7 – 10 years of progressively responsible work related to the position.
  • Experience in structuring and building high-performance teams/departments.
  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize & work both collaboratively and independently.
  • Skilled in objectivity, empathy and is sensitive to patients, visitors and the environment.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and patient service communication skills while working collaboratively with all stakeholders.

Method of Application

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Closing Date : 30 June. 2022


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