11 Oct 2019

Project Assistant at AMREF Kenya

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We are looking for an enthusiastic person to join our closely knit team, to provide general administrative support to KISSMEE project and the Midwives Ultrasonography project by ensuring effective communication, information processing and logistics coordination.

The main objectives of the job include but not limited to:
• Developing databases for the projects deliverables
• Keeping records of the ongoing project activities
• Assisting the project team in planning and implementing project activities
• Coordinating logistics for execution of project activities
• Communicating with stakeholders within directives issued by the project manager
• Organizing meetings with project stakeholders
• Participating in monitoring project’s progress

• Project Databases
• Project Files
• Beneficiaries’ records
• Implementers contracts
• Project reports
• Conference papers
• Donor agreements
• Project work plans
• Computer, Printer, Scanner
• Financial reports


  • Administration support and information flow
  •  Receives and reviews correspondence to the office.
  •  Provide the relevant case history.
  •  Prepare routine responses for the manager or directs it within the unit for
    action as relevant.
  •  Receiving and dispatching correspondence.
  •  Completing forms in accordance with organizational procedures.
  •  Conducting searches to find needed information using such sources as the Internet.
  • Full Office Management : Maintaining the office inventory and
    stationary supplies and utility services maintenance.
  • Full Reception : Receives all visitors and acts as the first point of reference for all queries to the project.
  •  Answering telephones and giving information to callers, taking messages or transferring calls to appropriate
  • Full Logistic Support : Preparing and distributing materials required for the KISSMEE project, Tunza Mama and Midwives ultrasonography project.
  • Prepare and plan for meetings to include organising files, sending out meeting
  •  Distributing training and advocacy materials.
  • Initiating and following up payments for service providers.
  •  Following up communication with partners.
  • Organising: Coordinating the execution of events under the office including meetings, workshops and other work-related gatherings.
  • Developing and maintaining relevant databases and filing systems for optimal management of information and contacts.
  • Full Liaisons : Liaising with both external and internal contacts in coordination with the project manager to ensure follow-up and execution of planned activities. This includes but is not limited to KISSMEE, Tunza Mama and Philips collaborators,
  • partners, managers and staff as may be relevant.
  • 50% Quality Assurance • Ensuring beneficiaries’ original documents are safely kept and confidentiality is maintained.
  • Ensure monthly indicators are monitored and reports are submitted in time.
  • 80% Marketing :  Distributing project branded material via available applicable means.
  • Holding meetings with health care providers specifically midwives to market the KISSMEE modules.
  • Enrol nurses and midwives for the KISSMEE modules.
  • Full Research • Logistical planning for data collection and procedures.
  • Communicate to research assistants and respondents.
  • Facilitate the movement of research team.
  •  Develop abstracts with the project
  • Prepare conference and data dissemination presentations with the
    project team.
    Training support • Oral and written communication to the
    trainers and students on training
    • Scheduling for training sessions with
    project team.
    • Analysis of daily evaluation reports on training.
    Provide welfare services
    • Support in organising meetings. Full ANY OTHER TASKS
    Project based tasks e.g. taking part in field campaigns and advocacy events, as well as,
    maintaining good working relationship with partners.


  • This position is open to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,
    Marketing or Nursing.
  • Relevant work experience of at least two years in similar position.
  •  Our ideal candidate is highly organized, detail-oriented, with the ability to work as part
    of a team as well as being independently motivated.
  •  You are flexible with regards to learning new skills.
    3. You are able to juggle multiple responsibilities, without losing track of what is
    4. Experience working in a health project/ programme is desirable.
    Essential skills
    1. Excellent command of English
    2. Excellent command of the MS Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    3. Strong communication & writing skills
    4. Ability to interact with team members, suppliers, senior executives
    5 of 5
    1. Confidentiality
    2. Ethical
    3. Integrity
    4. Reliability
    5. Ability to work within deadlines
    Problem Analysis
  • The job requires a professional and analytical approach to project management.
    Flexible Thinking
  • The job requires creative problem solving within the framework of set corporate policies and
  • Decision Making: The job requires ability to make timely and well-considered decisions based on corporate
  • INTERNAL: The job demands a high level of oral communication skills in order to
    effectively communicate with other departments and staff members.
  • EXTERNAL: The job demands a high level of oral communication skills in order to
    effectively communicate with external parties including stakeholders, students.
  • INTERNAL: The job demands a high level of written communication skills in order to
    effectively communicate with other departments and staff members.
  • EXTERNAL: The job demands a high level of written communication skills in order to
    effectively communicate with external parties including stakeholders, students.
  • University Policies, Systems, Procedures and Methods
  • The job demands a thorough understanding of university culture and Human Resource
    Management policies and procedures.
    Hours of Work
  • Monday to Friday official working hours from 8.00am to 5.00pm with one (1) hour lunch
    break from 1pm to 2pm totalling to 40 hours a week.

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