15 Apr 2019

Security Officer at Ole-Sereni

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Responsible for the safeguarding of hotel property, assets, guests, visitors and employees. Patrol hotel property to ensure the safety of guests and employees and to protect all hotel assets. Answer house calls, assist guests and employees with respect to safety, security and hotel operations. Initiate and follow-up all investigations of crimes committed against property and persons. Assist sick and injured guests and employees, ensuring documentation and disposition of reports. Initiate investigations, write incident and accident reports, monitor investigations to their timely conclusion and ensure appropriate follow-up with guests, visitors and employees, documenting all contacts


Preferably College graduate.Training in Fire Fighting, First Aid and Life Saving drills from a certified institution.Previous experience in security unit is necessary.

  • Ability to project an image of friendliness, professionalism and willingness to provide personalized service.
  • Ability to exhibit teamwork.
  • Ability to honor the guest, employee, and hotel confidentiality policy.
  • Knowledge of the Fire Fighting and emergency response procedures.
  • Ability to able walk/ run up stairs carrying a fire extinguisher.
  • Ability to provide First Aid and CPR. Maintain certification for CPR and First Aid given by the hotel.
  • Ability to maintain proper post and proper posture.
  • Ability to able to walk long distances during patrols and to stand for long periods of time


  • To be alert at all times and guard any area entrusted to their care
  • Carry out security patrols when assigned to do so, by walking around the various parts of a property while checking doors and stairwells to make sure the locks are secure and no danger is lurking.
  • Patrol the lobby, especially when large groups arrive and during busy morning and afternoon times to provide guests with a sense of security.
  • Ensure prompt response to complaints and calls for help. Must always be prepared to rush to a potentially dangerous scene and calm the guests or control a situation
  • Respond to all  calls regarding undesirable persons and if necessary, escort undesirable persons from the Hotel
  • Respond to calls for assistance in dealing with a belligerent guest or disturbance originating in another room or a suspicious character loitering in the stairwell. Protects staff/guests of the Hotel from acts of obnoxious guests
  • Responsible for  writing incident reports and conducting investigations, maintaining report records
  • To inspect all staff and check their belongings while entering or leaving the Hotel premises. To report any deviations to the supervisor immediately
  • To ensure that all staff sign in while entering and leaving the hotel premises
  • To follow the key issue procedure while issuing keys to employees, and record the same as prescribed
  • To ensure that no visitor is permitted entry through the employee entrance without proper checking and a visitors pass
  • To ensure that no tangible item leaves the Hotel premises without a valid gate pass
  • To check all material entering the hotel through the receiving entrance and ensure proper check and record is maintained
  • To assist guests when entering or leaving the hotel
  • To handle guest queries and complaints in a polite and efficient manner
  • Responsible for providing assistance at the foyer with an aim of ensuring smooth pedestrian and vehicular traffic while promoting a welcoming and helpful environment.
  • Responsible for controlling vehicle movement at the loading dock to facilitate a respectful and pleasant working area.
  • In case of a fire emergency, to follow the prescribed procedure in ensuring the safety of all guests, guest belongings and all Hotel employees
  • Respond to emergency situations including, but not limited to, safety hazards, fires, medical emergencies and threats to life and/or property
  • Responsible for administering First Aid in case of any emergency requiring first aid measures.
  • Protects organization’s image by keeping security and incident information confidential
  • To carry out any duties assigned by the Security Supervisor/ Chief Security Officer
  • To adhere to strict grooming and hygiene standards
  • To participate in any training/development schemes required by management
  • Participate in the hotel’s social responsibility programme
  • To follow the house rules and policies laid down by the management
  • To comply with company regulations as stipulated in staff handbook, regarding uniform, timekeeping and general conduct.

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