8 Nov 2016

Sign Langugage Trainer Handicap International 2016

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Sign Langugage Trainer Handicap International


Handicap International (HI) is a Non-Governmental Organization specialized in the field of disability with the aim of improving the capacity of people with disability to satisfy their basic needs and to exercise their fundamental rights. A strong emphasis is placed on empowering people with disabilities through their integration into mainstream development activities and the provision of appropriate health and rehabilitation services to ensure equal opportunities for all.


In Dadaab there still lies a huge communication gap in terms of access to information by persons with hearing impairment. Equally, hearing persons have also faced similar challenge  in communicating to persons with hearing impairment. This creates a barrier in promoting inclusive services and mainstreaming to persons with hearing impairment in most of programmatic activities and interventions by various organizations. It is this premise that necessitates the need to have a sign language consultant to conduct a two (2) weeks intensive training on sign language to the national staff of Handicap International, their partner organization staff together with refugee community staff, with the aim of improving their capacity in serving persons with hearing impairment in Dadaab refugee camps.

Requirements for the Position

The sign language training will target various agencies in Dadaab refugee camps including, Handicap International national staff as well as their refugee community staff. The various agencies will be invited to present a specified number of their staff for this training. All the staff trainees will be drawn from all the three camps (Ifo 1, Ifo2 and Dagahaley camps) in Dadaab.

Overall Goal: All Persons with hearing impairment in Dadaab refugee camps access humanitarian services free of communication barrier

Specific objectives:

  • To build capacity of humanitarian staffs in Dadaab to provide inclusive services to Persons with hearing impairment
  • Develop training materials for training of participants on sign Language
  • Conduct 10 days sign language training for 20 National and 60 refugee staffs of Handicap International and partner organizations
  • Conduct post training needs of the participants and make recommendations
  • Anticipated Results and Indicators to Facilitate Acceptance and Validation of Outcomes
  • Increased knowledge and skills in sign language of the participants through the outcome of a pre and post-tests.
  • A prepared report on the outcomes of the training and recommendations for future training needs of the participants.
  • Prepared materials used during the training that will be maintained as learning resources
    Participants/trainees performance reports.

Consultants Profile

  • Training, Experience, References and Grade required for each expert
  • The consultant should possess the relevant sign language certificate from an international or locally recognized institution with more than five years working experience with persons in forced displacement contexts. Proven experience in working in either Dadaab or Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya will be an added advantage.
  • Working Language
  • The language of instruction during the training will be English.

Service Duration

The Start date for this consultancy will be 22nd November 2016 and it is expected to end on9 th December 2016. The consultancy is planned to take a total of 18 days (inclusive of weekends) as shown in the following mission timetable:

Mission Timetable

Date Activity

  • 21st November 2016 Report to Nairobi Office for briefing
  • 22ndNovember 2016 Arrival to Dadaab
  • 23rd– 25th November 2016 Training community workers in Dagahaley
  • 28th– 30th November 2016 Training community workers in Ifo 1
  • 1st– 5th December 2016 Training community workers in Ifo 2
  • 6th- 8th December 2016 Training national staff in Dadaab
  • 9th December 2016 Departure to Nairobi

The Service location for this mission is Dadaab but the consultant will be briefed from the Human Resource Manager and the Regional Coordinator for Refugee Affairs in Nairobi before proceeding to Dadaab for the Mission.

Work Schedule

Based on the proposed timetable laid down in these Terms of Reference, the consultant must set up a work schedule for the performance of the service. The work schedule must clearly specify the manner in which the consultant will approach the activities required to perform the service. The schedule must indicate the progress and/or the standard of service performance, including  the criteria and/or indicators to check that the service provision is proceeding smoothly (such as pre and post- test performance tests).


  • For the duration of the contract, the consultant will report every 5 days to the Inclusion
  • Technical Officer in Dadaab on progress reports of the sign language training.
  • The report will consist of:
  • Content on the topic of sign language such as numbers, nouns, verbs adjectives, preposition, days of the weeks, months etc
  • Language of instruction with clear link between Kenya Sign Language (KSL) and Sign
  • Exact English (SEE).
  • Teaching methodologies used
  • Target and number of trainees
  • Gaps/challenges identified
  • Proposed recommendations
  • The final report will be submitted on or before 12th December 2016 to the Inclusion
  • Technical Officer and copy to the Community Based Rehabilitation manager in Dadaab in two hard bound copies and a soft copy for printing.

Resource Person

Within the framework of the service provision, the consultant will be asked to collaborate with  Handicap International’s team and in particular, with the Community Based Rehabilitation Manager in Dadaab who will be the point of contact.

Roles & Responsibilities for the Position

Roles of Handicap International

  • Avail transport to the consultant from residence in Nairobi to Dadaab and back to Nairobi
  • Pay for consultancy services.
  • Offer accommodation and meals.
  • Provide stationery for the training.
  • Provide transport to the field.
  • Avail training venues and refreshments.
  • Mobilization of participants.

Roles of the consultant

  • Prepare pre and post test
  • Setting the learning environment
  • Conduct the training.
  • Prepare training materials.
  • Submit training progress reports.
  • Submit a final training report.


How to Apply

  • The consultants who meet these requirements and are available within the time period indicated should submit the following:
  • An elaborate methodology and detailed work plan clearly indicating how he or she would implement the consultancy service.Application letter and curriculum vitae indicating relevant qualifications, skills,experience and expected consultancy fee as well as full contact details of three referees.Send electronic copies of the application to reach Handicap International office on or before 18th November 2016, 5 pm email to: [email protected]

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