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3 Effective Ways To Find And Get A Job You Love

Posted by | May 11, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Being stuck in a job that is not in line with your career growth will make you end up being disengaged, unhappy, and resentful.

Feeling sorry for yourself will not make you feel better or help the situation
Instead, you can position yourself in a way that will ensure you have amazing job opportunities.

Here’s how:

How to find a job You Love

1: Seek Out Companies That Inspire You

Naturally, if you’re going to get a job that you love, a great place to start is to find an organization that inspires you.

So, it’s time to put on your research hat and have some fun… starting with your values.

Think about what you value most in life. Do you want to have freedom and flexibility in your work? Or maybe you want to be able to walk to your office and spend time with quality people you cherish?

Perhaps there’s a certain problem in the world that’s always bugged you, and a couple of companies are doing an excellent job of solving that problem.

Whatever it is that’s most important to YOU, find a company whose values match your own, and then find a way to get their attention and get the job (which I’ll show you how to do in a second).

2: Create An “Ultimate CV”

Here’s the thing: Only 1% of traditional resumes actually lead to a job offer.

And if you’re applying for one of the “For-Benefit” companies listed in the resource guide above, it’ll likely be even lower.
See, just like you want to find a company that fits your lifestyle…

The best companies to work for want to hire people who fit their values, believe in their mission, and want to work with them. The good news?

It’s actually quite easy to get their attention and get the job… if you know what to do.

3: Use Modern Job Seeking Strategies

The world is changing, and standing out from the ever-increasing competition is a challenge (if you don’t know what to do).

Because the truth is, people are bored of the same old job seeking approaches. They want fresh, real, and authentic job applications from people who genuinely care about what they’re doing.

So rather than submit 100 copies of the same resume to 100 companies you don’t care about…

Find the two or three that you would do anything to work for. And then go above and beyond to get their attention – while focusing on showcasing what makes you valuable to them.

By using some courage, creativity, and passion, you’re positioning yourself as both rare and in demand