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3 POWERFUL Tips to a Successful Career Transition in Kenya

Posted by | February 19, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

Nowadays, it is hard to find people committed to one line of profession thanks to the saturated job market. To counter this, I have outlined a few tips that will help you change and transition into a new career.

1. Identify your own career path
“Identifying your next career can start with the interests you develop later in life,” says Serah Mutunga, a Human Resource Manager at Securex.

“You can come from a family of lawyers, doctors and end up becoming a lawyer by default so always do something you have passion for,” she adds.

However, Ms Mutunga opines that there are some occasions where what you want to become in life is not available in the job market.

“For instance, my initial career goal was journalism and mass communication because I had always dreamt of becoming a news anchor,” she reveals.

“However, I developed a passion for Human Resource later in life and successfully made my transition,” she explains.

Career Transition Tips in Kenya

2.Have a clear plan and goal for your career
“Changing careers is something that is happening more frequently than before,” says Brian Kariuki the Country Manager at Travel Start Kenya.

“When seeking for a change, the key concern should be your career growth,” he emphasizes.

According to Mr Kariuki, there is no exact time frame to when deciding to change careers because you should always have a plan.

“A good move would be to start acquiring new skills because you will need them in your next career,” he advises.

“This way, you will fully understand what is needed on a particular field as well be aware of the current trends and skills that are in demand,” he elaborates.

How to successfully make a Career Transition

While in your current career, Mr Kariuki warns against the idea of quitting to pursue passion.

“You cannot get away from the realities of life and always remember that you have to put food on the table,” he affirms.

3. Be patient with yourself
Transitioning to a new role is a long process, especially in Kenyan job market but Mr Kariuki says that losing hope is not an option.

“Search for the job as widely as you can and avail yourself to people even if it means working for them for free,” he advises.

While you are there, you can use the opportunity as a stepping stone to your dream job,” he concludes.

If you want to change your career, give these tips a try and see the difference.