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3 Tricky Job Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

Posted by | May 8, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Mwangi Loreen

Kenyan employers have come up with effective strategies on how to get a lot of information from candidates by asking few questions. One way of achieving this is by asking simple questions that leave the candidate revealing way too much information that they may have initially intended to hide.

How To Answer Tricky Questions In a Job Interview

For candidates preparing for an interview, be ready to be asked a tricky question. Trick questions require you to think out of the box before you jump into an answer.

Most managers ask these questions to determine your reaction when faced with an unexpected situation. Your answer can also help them evaluate your confidence level. Once you are done with this article, you will be able to handle the following tricky questions.

1. How Would You Describe Yourself in One Word?

This question helps the recruiter or hiring manager have an understanding of your personality, overall confidence and if your work style is tailored for the position.

This question is tricky when asked earlier in an interview, as the candidate might not be aware of the personality the manager is looking for.

It is important that the candidate understands before he/she starts rattling off adjectives trying to impress the recruiter. This question provides you an opportunity to highlight your best attributes that fit the job.

If you’re applying for an interior designer position, then how you describe yourself should be in line of “ artistic, creative…”

2. How is This Position Similar to Others you are Applying For?

When managers ask this question, they want to determine how active you are in looking for a job. If you reply by saying you’ve applied for that particular position only, they will know you are lying as no candidate ever applies for just a single job.

However, if you speak favorably about the other companies you’ve applied to, the manager might be worried that you are willing to take up another job opportunity if it comes by. Also, be careful not to be negative about other employers.

The best response to this question is to say you have applied to several companies but are yet to decide on which is best for your career progression. Not only is this positive, but it also protects the other companies.

3. If Given A Chance, Which Company Would You Want to Work For?

By asking this question, employers want to establish your level of seriousness and loyalty. It helps them determine if you are interested in working for their company or you are just looking for the job as a stepping stone as you wait for a better opportunity to present itself.