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4 Easy Ways To Sell Yourself In An Interview Without Looking Desperate

Posted by | May 14, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Loreen Mwangi

One job opening receives numerous job applications. Therefore being called for an interview is exhilarating and most people tend to oversell themselves. This comes off as being desperate and may not work well with Hiring managers. There is a thin line between selling yourself and over selling yourself.

How not to “oversell” yourself

It is important to take a balanced approach when you market your skills, so that you create a confident and composed attitude. Hide your desperateness and present your skills in a professional way.

It is reasonable to show that you are optimistic for the future and highlighting why you find that position fitting for your career progression.
However, avoid using terms that describe your previous duties as unbalanced or unrealistic. Find a way of describing your experience without giving exaggerated points that may make the interviewer doubt you.

Keep your points short and precise. Don’t make up stories to prove how competent you are. Your skills and experience is enough to market yourself, don’t go overboard with false stories.

It is understandable that the fear of failing in an interview can make someone terrified. Instead of keeping your mind focused on losing the job to another candidate, focus on being exceptional, make the most of your skills.

Composure goes a long way in keeping your confidence during the interview. Being confident in an interview helps you maintain a balance when answering the questions.

You will be able to respond well without coming off as needy. Another way hiring managers can detect a desperate candidate is if you agree with everything they say. Impressing the panel is always the intention of every candidate.

But, being agreeable even when you have a second opinion is not a good sign. Employers need people who are critical thinkers, not just doers.

Voice your opinion if you disagree with something, as long as you do it in the right manner. Don’t be harsh, inconsiderate or rude.

Lastly, don’t be quick to make decisions. If starting the job in one week does not work with you, then make a point of telling them.

Don’t commit knowing you will not be available by the time they need you to report to work. Again, be reasonable, don’t tell them you’ll be available after 2 months, when you know they seek to hire immediately or after 2 weeks.