4 Great Obstacles To Career Growth To Avoid

Posted by | July 25, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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Many people would like to drive big cars, live in big homes and travel the world, all owing to the success of their careers. But not many people get to enjoy the niceties of life. Many people end up settling in life, especially when it comes to jobs and career choices.

A person gets a job paying them 25K and they feel as though they have achieved everything they have ever wanted in life. They work in the same company for 30 years, sitting at the same desk, doing the same job over and over again. Whenever a great opportunity presents itself, they are very quick to say no as they are okay with how their life is.

1. Living in our Comfort Zone

It’s very common for many people to get comfortable in a job that they know they don’t enjoy. The thought of going back to looking for a job which always tends to be very frustrating scares many people. Therefore, they decide to settle and get comfortable in their not well paying  or stagnating job.

Instead of this, it’s better to put your faith out there and look for a job you know you will enjoy doing, a job you are passionate about.

2. Money

Most people are stuck  in a job they don’t love because it pays their bills. Many people make this mistake in their prime years, the years after college up to 30 years.

It’s during this time that people should search within themselves to figure out what they truly love and enjoy.

Instead of being miserable just because you get a salary at the end of the month,  you would rather sacrifice a few weeks or a month to look for a good job you love, where you’ll end up making even more money because you love it and give it your best!

Many employees in Kenya today are not happy in their jobs, and for some it feels like it’s too late to change jobs. They jumped on the first opportunity that came and after 5 years, they can’t seem to leave the job.

Don’t let money be the reason you are stuck in a job.

3. Fear

“What if I don’t get another job?”, “what if I regret quitting this job?” , all these are questions that hinder most people from advancing and making the most out of their careers. They fear the unknown. While these fears could make sense to a person, you’ll never know how something turns out until you try. Fear holds us back from our dreams.

If you want something, you should go for it, no matter how many voices try to tell you any different.

Your career is meant to thrive , you are meant to soar with every new challenge and if your job doesn’t offer you a sense of growth, you should definitely consider going for what you believe to be right. Without fear.

4. Personal Beliefs

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. We criticize ourselves by telling ourselves that we don’t deserve a better job, that the job we have is all there is etc.

While it’s good to be content, it’s better to be true to yourself and do what’s best for you.

If you know you deserve to be a manager for instance and you have been an Administrative Officer  for 10 years, you should look for a way to grow in your career. Even if that means looking for a new job.

A small assignment for you… have a good review of your career. Are you happy in your job? If not, what would you change? You can live the life of your dreams, it all depends with the choices you make today.