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4 Justifiable Reasons To Turn Down A Job Offer

Posted by | July 9, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

Getting a job is good news for every Kenyan job seeker, but no one wants to start at a new job only to hate it a few months later. People want jobs they can stay in and make enough money to sustain themselves, their family, live well and make investments or start their own companies.

It is for this reason that job seekers are advised to be cautious of the jobs they accept. With the stressful job market in Kenya, it would be easy to accept any job that comes a long. However, smart job seekers will know what jobs to say yes to and which ones to turn down.

A job seeker who turns down a job offer can be mistaken as being choosy or selective, but if your reasons are justifiable, then you need not worry if you made the right decision.

4 Justifiable Reasons To Turn Down A Job Offer

1. The salary you are being offered is half what was advertised
You could run into a situation where what you are being offered as salary in your letter of appointment is much less than what was advertised. The fact that your employer is already lying to you as you come into the office should raise eyebrows on what is to come.

The letter could promise an increase after a certain period of time, but this should not be your reason for staying. For all you know, it could be just a way to suck you into the position.

2. Your position became vacant after the previous person was unfairly dismissed

It is always important to research on what happened to the previous person who was holding the position you are being offered. Sometimes it will be that a worker was wrongfully fired and this could bring up a lot of complications for you; there could be a law suit pending or fraudulent activities that you will be left dealing with.

3. Your job description is still not clear after the interview
Some job advertisements may have scanty details on what it is you will be required to do in your new role, and this could also extend to after the interview. Maybe you asked what your role will be and still do not have a clear understanding. In such a case, it is justifiable if you decided to turn down the offer and avoid future disappointments.

4. You are not comfortable in the work environment
Working environment is a contributing factor to emotional stress that could lead to you underperforming in your new job or even hating it before it begins. To avoid this, ensure the job you are accepting is in an environment you can easily adapt to but don’t be too choosy either.

Jobs are not easy to find, and landing good jobs is even harder but with a strategy and focus you won’t be sorry.