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4 Key Qualities Kenyan Employers Look For In Job Seekers

Posted by | July 23, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

As a job seeker, do you always wish you could unlock the “secret formula” to winning the hearts of Kenyan employers?

This is because every employer is looking for a specific set of skills that match the job requirements. However there are certain general skills are sought by nearly every employer.

So what are the most sought after skills that every employer is looking for nowadays?

Qualities Employers Seek In Job Seekers

1. Communication Skills
Have you ever wondered why most job advertisements specify that they’re looking for candidates with effective communication skills?
This is because it is the most important quality sought after by Kenya employers regardless of the profession.
The ability to listen, write, and speak effectively is a very critical component in any workplace setting.

2. Reliability
Are you the type of employee who is motivated by money rather than your career advancement? Can you be trusted to handle responsibilities and live up to the expectations of the employer?

Kenyan employers are looking for candidates who can be relied upon to do the job effectively.
If you are the type of person who keeps hoping from one job to the other, you may find it challenging to be considered for a job.

3. Leadership Qualities
This is a criteria used by a majority of the employers. A candidate with leadership qualities has the ability to manage him or herself with or without supervision.

How good are your leadership qualities? You will need to acquire this skill or work on it if you want to be in the list of the best candidates.

4. Willingness To Listen And Learn
It is obvious that employers want to hire professionals who have the skills necessary to do the job. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn while in the job. Being a Mr or Ms Know it all is not going to help your career.

Remember that every profession is dynamic and giving yourself a chance to learn will put you far ahead of other job seekers.

When you’re job hunting, you need the right skills, education, and experience. But that is not enough. The above skills are also what your potential Employers are looking for.