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4 Pointers To Get You In The Right Mood For Your Next Interview

Posted by | July 6, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

Job interviews can cause you anxiety, even when you least expect it and this can lead you to say things you didn’t plan on saying or can live you dumbfounded when you can’t seem to remember why it is you want the job.

To avoid this anxiety, it is important that you are in the right mood for your next interview. A calm and focused nature will help you increase your chances of landing the job.

So, how do you get yourself in the right mood for an interview?

1. Research, Research And Research
This had to go first in the list. How you do your research will determine whether you will pass the interview or not, it shows how prepared you are going into the interview and is sure to either disappoint or impress the interviewer.

Do your research well to avoid awkward silence when you don’t know what to say or looking like a joke. Not preparing well is bound to keep you on the edge throughout the interview and might cost you the job.

2. Rehearse Your Answers
There is no better preparation than anticipation the questions that will come up and having answers ready. Why? Because you will appear like you know exactly what you are talking about, even when you don’t know for sure what the answer you gave really means.

It will also guarantee more confidence and less panic because you already know the basics, which will also help you in answering what you did not prepare for.

3. Look The Part You Are Interviewing For
You may have been told that looks don’t really matter, and that what really counts is what you have to offer. Well, that is not entirely true.

You will be judged the minute you walk into the room, and seeing the interviewer stare at the shoes you decided not to dust off or the juice stain on your blouse that you concluded is not that visible will only make you more anxious. So, be sure not to give the interviewer a reason to judge you wrongly.

4. Ensure You Take A Light Meal

Whether your interview is at 8.00 am or in the afternoon, you must ensure the meal you have before is not heavy. Some foods are bound to keep you lazy and sluggish, while others will give you energy for a while only to disappoint you when it’s your turn. Most importantly, do not experiment with new foods or you’ll be sorry you decided to eat in the first place.

Going for an interview demands a lot of readiness and composure if you are to come out a victor, so ensure to take note of the little details that will influence your performance. Also try and listen to your good-mood music on your way to the interview, don’t allow any distractions whatsoever.