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4 Powerful LinkedIn Tips Guaranteed To Get You a Job – Must Read

Posted by | January 24, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth,

Monicah Kogi, the Head of Talent Acquisition and Related Services, says that LinkedIn is one of the best sites to use for your job search.

According to Ms Kogi, most job seekers have not fully crafted their LinkedIn profiles yet it is the best way to be noticed by an employer.

So how do you go about it when looking for a job?

Here are the latest tips you need to consider when creating your profile in order to speed up your job search.

1. Get a professional photo and a good introduction
Pamela Skillings, an Interview Coach says that your photograph is a visual representation of who you are to the world.

“Unlike Facebook or twitter, LinkedIn is more professional and so should be the photo.

“It should be accompanied by an introduction of who you are, what motivates you and what you’re looking for,” she adds.

On the introduction part, Ms Kogi advises that, “For entry level, create your profile and target your industry by highlighting your qualifications, your interests and remember to connect with people.”

2. Your profile summary should be appealing
“A good and well crafted summary on your LinkedIn profile will give you opportunity to shine,” says Ms Skillings.

“This is your space to differentiate yourself from all the other accountants, marketers, and other professionals in the job market today,” she adds.

3. Highlight Your Experience, Skills, and Expertise
Ms Skillings states that, “This is an online platform to highlight what you have been doing as a professional.”

“It should show what you are currently doing and what you are looking for so make an effort to showcase your accomplishments in a compelling manner.

On the other hand, Ms Kogi advises that, “One should also join groups or organizations that are in line with his or her career.”

4. Get LinkedIn Recommendations
“These are testaments to your abilities in certain fields and welcome additions to your LinkedIn profile, particularly for job seekers,” explains Ms Skillings.

“The whole idea is to find someone to validate what you are currently stating in the profile,” she explains.

“You can go about this by asking somebody to recommend you. It could be your former colleague whom you have worked for long or your supervisor who can attest to your skills,” she elaborates.

Your LinkedIn profile can make or break your job search effort so apply these tips and see for yourself the kind of impact it can bring to your job search.