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4 Reasons Why Most Kenyans Have Dead-End Boring Jobs

Posted by | April 22, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Elizabeth Benu,

“My job is too boring. Should I quit or do I hold on till I find something better? I fear that I may go crazy if I wait too long. What could be the problem and are there any solutions,” writes Kelvin Chesang’ in an email.

Often people will say that their job is boring. Here are the reasons and how to reduce the boredom:

Reasons why Kenyans Have Dead End Boring Jobs

1. Forced career choices
Career choice can be forced on you indirectly or directly. Two cases in point: Martin Ngige always wanted to be a nurse, but he heard someone say that Nurses are treated badly and he became an engineer. Janet Mueni wanted to become an interior designer, but her parents wanted her to become an accountant.

No matter how much the two try to use their skills in their jobs, it will always be boring because that is not where their passion lies.

“Find some time to do what you love and even if you are in the wrong career, you will always have something to look forward to,” advices Wilfrida Macharia, a HR Assistant at Profiles International Limited.

2. Appealing Salary
People will always choose a boring job over an interesting one because of the pay. In the tough economic times, a well paying job that is boring makes more sense than an interesting and low paying job.

“This can also be related to lack of motivation or incentives. If a boss is not paying an employee well, no matter how much they love their job, it will not add up because of the financial responsibilities they have,” Ms. Macharia adds.
She says that choosing a job you love is important.

3. Career Plateau
A career plateau happens when any progression in your career is reduced by maybe reaching the highest level in your company or not feeling challenged anymore. At this point, boredom easily sets in.

“If you are at this point, consider moving to a different department in the company, such as marketing to sales, which are closely related. Look for other ways apart from getting promoted as the only way to feel job satisfaction,” she adds.

Reaching a plateau does not mean it is the end of your career. Take time off and reflect on your career focusing on the positive parts of your life and how they can be added into your work to keep you from boredom.

4. Poor Work Life Balance is why most Kenyans have dead end boring jobs

Do you spend more time in the office more than you would like to and sometimes wish you had more hours to see your friends, family and have some ‘me’ time?

If you answered yes, this is evidence of poor or no work – life balance. Apart from numerous health complications that may arise, work-life imbalance leads to boredom at work. Exhaustion leads to less productivity and every hour spent at work feels like an eternity.

“The solution is to avoid working long hours by prioritizing your tasks when you get to work. This enables you to finish important duties first and leaving early,” advices Ms. Macharia.

Everyone wants to find a perfect job that sparks interest from day one till they retire. If you are in a boring job, the solution is in the tips above.