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4 Simple Interview Tips Guaranteed To Get You The Job

Posted by | June 11, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

Every jobseeker is filled with excitement when they are invited to an interview. Like any job interview, you are not the only candidate and whether you will get the job or not depends solely on how best you impress the interviewer.

Sheila Cheptoo, a Recruiting Officer at Corporate Staffing Services says proving your best to the interviewer starts from the CV. Your are at the interview because of your CV, but how best you know what is in it is your ticket to good impressions.

So, how do you convince the interviewer you are the best candidate?

1. You must dress to match the job position
When you walk into the interview room, the interviewer has his/her expectations just like you the job seeker have yours. He/She will derive a lot from just the way you are dressed, so ensure that you dress to communicate. Don’t just pull a suit and a shirt without considering if they match the job you applied for. Take your time and consult someone on the best dresscode for your position.

2. You must describe yourself appropriately
The first question that almost every interviewer will ask is the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question. How you describe yourself in this question matters a lot in your convincing. The interviewer wants to know if you are sure about yourself. If you can’t describe yourself effectively, then it will impact negatively on your communication skills, and even your decision-making skills.

3. You must explain your previous/current roles well
Your CV already has a detailed list of the roles and responsibilities you had in a particular position and the interviewer has gone through each one of them. However, you will still have to explain to the interviewer verbally so they know if you just put down a list or if you were coached on how to respond, and most importantly, if you are lying. Let the explanation flow like a conversation.

4. Be conscious of your Body Language
How you use move your hands or the gestures you make can give the interviewer a wrong impression about you. The gestures might be done unconsciously, but will still matter, so be cautious and keep an attentive mind.

If you apply for the right job and consider these tips in preparation for the job interview, your chances of getting the job will be very promising.