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4 Things To Consider Before Job Hopping

Posted by | June 11, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Do you find yourself unable to stay in a job and are constantly changing jobs over short periods of time? If you do, then you are into job hopping. You move from one job to another either after a few months or few years.

While job hopping can impact positively on your career by getting you more contacts and experience handling different tasks, it could kill your career or become a nightmare in your next job.

The perception of job hopping has changed over the past few years and is now becoming common to many. However, people must know when job hopping is okay, according to Ryan Kahn, a career coach and contributor to Forbes.

4 Things You Must Consider Before Job Hoping

1. How secure is your job
Employers in Kenya are laying off employees from every corner and if you have a history of jumping from one job to another, then you risk making it among the people being let go from the company. The employer already expects you to leave the company at a certain time anyway, so why not do it now.

2. Can You Still Be Trusted To Make Decisions
Earning trust from your employer is a great value to have in your job and it is the reason your decisions matter. If you constantly hop from one job to another then you risk losing your employer’s trust and every idea or decision coming from you will be questioned, giving you a hard time in your job.

3. Can You Point Out Any Achievements
If you are in a job for only a short time, it is highly likely that you have nothing outstanding to show for. You cannot pick out a particular thing that you achieved in your previous position, to convince your next employee that you are the best for the job.

4. Do You want your employer to invest in your career
Some employers in Kenya invest in the careers of loyal employees, they offer financial help to employees who want to advance in their education and skills. If you are always hoping from one job to another, then the employer will be reluctant to invest in you.

Before job hopping, ensure you have done your research well and consult a career expert.