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4 Ways To Get Noticed By Your Dream Company

Posted by | July 25, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

It is neither an abnormality nor is it a daydream to have your sights set on working for a particular company. This is basically you having a career goal in mind. It is what keeps you striving to be the best at what you do.

If you are passionate about your goals, there are certain steps you have to take in order to ensure that you achieve them. Below are steps that will help you get noticed by companies that you covet working for.

Ways To Get Noticed By Your Dream Company

1. Make a list of important and relevant persons in the organisation
This sounds strange, but it is very workable. Making this list will make it easier for you to know who specifically you will need to impress. It will also give you a clear hierarchy of the organisational structure which will help you focus more.

Every company has people responsible for finding new potential hires. With the tools at your disposal, you can start looking for the persons who have a say in recruiting new hires. This involves recruiters as well since many big firms outsource their recruitment to agencies and consulting firms.

2. Participate in LinkedIn groups
The importance of LinkedIn in today’s job market cannot be underestimated. When properly used, it is a powerful job searching tool. Participating in your dream company’s Linkedin group gives you a chance to showcase your prowess . Show that you are worth a second and third listen.

Potential employers like innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Use this to your advantage and always post comments that suggest growth or development to the company. Eventually, you may just get that call.

3. Volunteer at industry events.
Volunteering, apart from being a great way to learn new skills, is a great way to get noticed. Pick something you are passionate about and volunteer. You will be giving back to the community.

Charity organizations tend to have well-represented boards and plenty of ties to their local communities. You never know who will notice your charitable work.

4. Start a blog
Your passion should be your driving force in the blog. Share your recommendations about the industry and the company as well. However, be careful not to be too controversial as this will bring more negative attention your way than positive.

Stay focused and keep the blog as engaging as possible. It may one day open doors of employment for you.

Every goal you set for yourself is achievable. All you have to do, is decide how you want to get to your destination. Wishing you all the best in your job search.