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4 Ways To Get Noticed And Promoted At Work

Posted by | June 15, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Source: Brazen Life

Are you looking to get a promotion at your Job? Do you think you deserve the promotion? Most people just sit and wait for promotions just because they think that they have been working long enough for a company.

Welcome to the real world where promotions are earned. Whether you are an entry level employee or someone who has worked for years, your hard work is what will get you that promotion you are yearning for.

Below is a list of four (4) things you can do, to ensure you get promoted.

1. Create your own luck
Go-getters create their own luck! Instead of waiting for someone to hand you an opportunity, create your own.

Approach your boss on your first day of work (or even today if you’ve already been working there for a minute) and say, “I’m excited to be working here. If you need anything at all, I’d love the opportunity to take care of it personally.”

If your boss can’t see you, he certainly won’t see you in a higher position. Expressing your willingness to handle special projects and extra responsibilities sets you apart from the torch-and-pitchfork mob that’s chanting, “That’s not my job!”

2. Take The Bull By The Horns
Average people find comfort in meeting the status quo — preferring to show up, do their job, and go home as soon as the clock strikes 5:00.

This is a great mentality for entry-level workers who want to spend the rest of their lives shuffling paper, but leaders need to be willing to take risks. When you’re in the lead, you can’t always be certain of what lies ahead, and you have to be confident in your decisions.

Your track record is a huge indicator of your readiness to advance in the company. An easy risk to start with is accepting responsibility for your failures.

3. Be a go-getter
The Internet is filled with information about anything you can think of, especially proprietary job knowledge.

By paging through the Internet, you can become an expert at a skill that can help your company.

Being known as the go-to person for certain tasks makes you more indispensable than your lazy coworkers because management will know you’re someone who can help in a pinch.

4. Don’t rely on your boss’s memory
Don’t leave it up to your manager or company to remember every time you contributed to a project or achieved success.

Open Microsoft Excel, and start keeping a bench mark resume that lists projects or responsibilities you’ve taken on for your team.

When it comes time for monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews, you’ll have documented goals, special projects, and instances when you saved the company from certain disaster.

While everyone else explains their achievements to management, you’ll be the only one showing complete documentation of what you’ve accomplished and how it benefitted the company.

Success takes hardwork and determination. Work at these pointers and achieve your promotion today.