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4 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

Posted by | August 4, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

We are all familiar with the saying “hard work pays” but that does not mean that all hard work pays.

Take an example of your daily work routine. What time do you wake up? What time do you get home? Do you find yourself working for more than 9 hours a day, you seriously need to work smarter then.

This article will take you step by step into what you need to do to avoid working yourself up to misery

How to Work smarter, Not harder

1. Prioritize your work
It is really hard getting up for work in the morning with the feeling of having so much work to do that you don’t know where to start.

Prioritizing is the golden rule of time management. You are not superman or flash to think that you can do an enormous duties all by yourself in a short span.

Each day, identify the two or three tasks that are the most crucial to complete, and do those first. Whether it is responding to emails or starting out with some projects, it will save more time and your energy as well.

2. Get Some Sleep!
Are you sitting behind your desk right now, struggling to keep your eyes open? Not getting enough sleep not only affects your health, but has a negative impact on your career.

Sleep for less than 6 hours makes you less productive: The less you sleep, the slower you are at work. Also people who don’t sleep are likely to become grumpier at work.

You need 7-8 hours of sleep for your body and mind to function optimally. You know if you’re getting enough.

3. Take A Break
Did you know that you can actually break away from the “busy” work schedule and take a break by walking to a cafe or restaurant for lunch rather than eating at your desk?

Also it will save you from sitting at your desk for long. According to research, prolonged sitting is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.

4. Spend less time On Social Media
Life is not just about Face book, Twitter or Instagram so for once just stay away from that and focus on the important matters at hand. That way you will spend more time doing important stuff

How about turning your life around by working on these effective techniques? Chances are, you are likely to be more productive at work.