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5 Best Ways To Write a Cover Letter Introduction (Examples Included)

Posted by | January 13, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Cover Letter Introduction Writing tips

By Elizabeth Benu
Your cover letter only has one function: to convince the employer that you are the perfect fit for a job. Making a great impression is not possible without a powerful cover letter introduction.

As Melody Mwendwa, a professional CV writer at Corporate Staffing Services says, “To create a great opening to your letter you have to understand the job description and the skills set you possess and think of ways to make the employer see our potential.”

She also adds, “Be sure to tailor your introduction to the job for which you are applying and better your chances of getting invited for an interview.”

You need to hook the employer by using these methods:

5 Ways of writing a powerful cover letter introduction

Job Title & Accomplishments.

It is an effective way to start a cover letter as it is straight to the point and impresses the HR Manager with your background. Use most relevant accomplishments if you choose this method.

“As an Accounts Assistant for company X, I am tasked with the preparation and maintenance of financial records. By introducing a new cash handling mechanism in the past year, I have reduced the company loses by 50%”

Show Excitement

Expressing your excitement for the job translates into how motivated and dedicated you are and gives HR the urge to read on and find out if you are qualified.

“I was excited to find an opening in the Information technology with your company because your work with CYX applications has been of interest to me for a long time. I am the perfect candidate for this position because it combines my experience in IT and CYX applications.”

Use Keywords for a Great Cover Letter Introduction

When you are applying for a position in a larger company through an online application system, a smart move would be to enrich your introduction with keywords. The right keywords multiply the chances of your cover letter being read and will also highlight your most relevant skills.

“Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are two of my greatest areas of expertise. In my 3 years work experience in customer service I have perfected my customer service, team player and problem solving skills. It is the blend of these skills that make me the best candidate for your Customer service manager post.”

Network Ties.
If someone refers you to a position or the HR Manager, it is best to use their names in your cover letter introduction.

Dropping a referees name will make the HR manager interests to know why your referrer thinks you are the perfect candidate.

Sample of a perfect cover letter introduction

“Recently I spoke to your PR Manager John Johnnie, who informed me about the opening in your Sales department. He recommended that I contact you about the job because of my strong interested and accumulated skills in the field.”

Use of News
Look for current news relating to the company you are applying to. Strive to explain why the news item makes you the best for the job.

“Your company recently partnered with ABC Organization and after reading articles related to it, I was inspired to apply for the Administrative assistant position. With my vast experience in that area, I believe I would be the perfect candidate to fill the position.”

Start making changes to your next cover letter: It will be more likely to result in an interview.