5 Common Human Resource Interview Questions And Answers

Posted by | July 31, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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Human resource personnel are tasked with the responsibility of handling the hiring and firing of the employees as well as maintaining confidential documents in an organization.

The key to nailing an interview in an entry level Human Resource Position is to prove that you are trustworthy person and possibly furthering your career in the field.

Here are sample interview Q&A’s for those seeking to start their careers in HR

1. Tell me about yourself

Ken Sundheim, the CEO OF KAS placement Recruitment says that in about every interview, the interviewer asks this question.

“Moreover, when describing ourselves, we should approach our answers in an honest, candid manner,” he says.

“Stick to your education, career and current situation and state it chronologically from the furthest back to the present,” he advises.

“I am Rita Kangongo aged 22 years with a diploma in Human Resource Management. I have worked as an intern at Pvr Consultants which enabled me to gain experience in recruitment and training. 

2. How does your academic and professional background relate to the hr position?

“Understanding the qualifications necessary for the position should guide you answering this question,” he says.

With my diploma and working experience in Human Resource, I believe my skills and experience is a very good match for position.

“In my former role as an assistant officer, I was responsible for consolidating staff training needs as well as maintaining confidential information relating to employees. My skills and experience make me a very good match for the job. I’m very detail-focused and take pride in my work.”

3. How do you handle pressure

Don Georgevich, a career coach says that as it is normal to feel pressure and stress but the interviewing person or panel wants to know your approach to the inevitable feelings that come with most jobs at some point or another.

“I can be able to work under pressure because it gives me the insights into my strengths and also helps in judging how patient I am.”

4. Describe your customer service abilities and any relevant interpersonal skills.

Good customer service is part of HR responsibility so your response will determine whether you have a clear knowledge of your new job duties and responsibilities,” says Ken Sundheim.

“Customer services are a crucial part of an hr assistant’s responsibilities. My duties will include reaching out to clients on a regular basis to respond to any queries and complaints. It is important to be able to know how to deal with problems and when and what to report.”

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Isha Mishra, a Career Adviser says that, “Employers generally tend to get attracted to ambitious candidates.

“Nobody wants an employee who works just for the sake of it and that said, you need to be realistic about sharing your goals with the employee,” she says.

“I would like to gain more experience and knowledge in my field which will qualify me to be in a good position and also grow with the company,”