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5 New Technology Trends In Job Searching To Adapt

Posted by | May 14, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Kennedy Okoth

In the past years applications for job openings have moved from the conventional “written” CV and cover letter for the use of Email.

This is however not the end of it as certain companies have resorted to picking candidates for the various positions virtually through their online presence. These include, major airlines, international media houses, corporate services among others.

This does not mean emailed applications but professional online presence. One of the most common used platform is LinkedIn.

This has drastically changed how job search and applications have always been done in the past.

Here are some of the guidelines on how to create your resume and find jobs on this platform.

1. Learn How to use Linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional career network and therefore the normal status updates, pictures and content have no place here. Strictly stick to professional issues and in precision. Also make sure you use your real names and not an alias.


This has been overtaken with events in as far as online presence is concerned. In its place has come an endorsement. An endorsement in LinkedIn is basically individuals that you have interacted with of a professional level approving a particular skill(s) that you possess.


LinkedIn basically being a professional network has basically borrowed a lot from the CV. This includes contents like, Personal information, Education, work history, skills, and career goals.

4.Visual Presence.

Unlike the conventional curriculum vitae, the online platform (LinkedIn) allows you to upload your image. This way one is able to differentiate each other in case they share a name.


Candidates have been selected based on the endorsements they gunner from their specific fields
The main advantage that comes with LinkedIn is that it is a platform where majority of the employers and entrepreneurs are present and can be engaged on a personal level.