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5 Reasons Your Colleague Earns More Salary Than You

Posted by | March 16, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Source: NigeriaBulletin

There is nothing more discouraging than realizing your colleague earns way much more than you especially if you are on the same level.

These reasons are enough to convince you why your colleague earns a fatter pay slip and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Why Your Colleague Is Earning More at Work

Your colleague produces more result
Employees who bring in more results in terms of innovation and profit stands to be more rewarded than others. This is why your colleague’s efforts impress the boss and he will sure get a pay rise.

Your Colleague has got more skills
With increasing standards and new innovations coupled with stiff competition, companies are forced to improve their products and services and this requires more skills. The staff that showcases great skills are recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Special recognition is given to staff who can handle several responsibilities effectively. Those qualities make such an employee get a pay raise.

Your Colleague earns more than you if he or she is a new recruit
This may look untrue but it’s not unusual. In certain industries, the external market value can increase faster than company salary levels and this may cause employers to offer more to be able to recruit better candidates.

What actually causes this increase in market value is the possession of new skills by new candidates which current employees may not have and which the company desperately needs.

Your colleague is more experienced
The time an employee has spent with an organization is also one of those factors that determine the pay. You may be doing the same kind of work or the person may even be doing less but the company recognizes the commitment of that individual to the organization and that may be the reason the pay is more.

The person might have also gathered certain experiences before entering the job which is now useful on the job.

For whatever reason your case falls into, take a bold step by negotiating for a raise in your next review if you feel underpaid.