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5 Things to Do When You Don’t Hear Back After a Job Interview

Posted by | May 22, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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By Kennedy Omondi,

Have you ever wondered what to do next after an interview? In most cases we stay by our phones in anxiety. Here is what you should do if at all, you do not get any feedback to the position you were interviewed for.

What To Do If You Dont Hear Back After An Interview

1. Take the initiative.
When the timeline expires, wait a few days, then write an e-mail to your primary contact showing your continued interest. Your follow-up message should be tailored as a reply on the email conversation line in which your interview invite was made. If you wait too long it could show a perceived lack of interest.

2. Make a plan.
If you call and e-mail too much, you become both annoying and desperate; if you don’t follow up, you communicate disrespect and a lack of interest. It is important to be formulaic with your attempts to follow up. Only allow yourself two spaced follow up over the course of a limited time.

3. Be gracious.

Always be pleasant in your e-mail or phone correspondence however frustrated you might be. They might still be in the process of interviewing candidates and haven’t yet made a decision or perhaps they think you’d be a better fit for a different position within the organization, and plan to contact you when it becomes available.

4. Avoid Coersion.
Never bribe or coarse your way in as this will only come out as desperate. You should aim to secure a job out of merit and self-confidence.

5. Only use Official Communication Channel.
Never attempt to communicate with a hiring manager through their personal email, home address, cell phone or telephone.

Always strive to move on after an interview however much you think you might have performed well.