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5 Ways To Job Search When You Have Been Out Of The Job Market For Long

Posted by | June 30, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

“I have been out of the job market for quite some time mpaka it feels like such a joke to start looking for a job,”shares Ann Maitha via email.

Do you feel the same way? How long have you been out of the job scene? It is always difficult to start looking for a job when you have been ‘away’ for a long time. This could be because you have lost what it takes or maybe because the dynamics in the market have changed.

“Getting a job after being away for a long time isn’t impossible. Your skills and qualifications, though disused, are not eroded. You just have to change your tactic for job seeking,”says Muthoni Ndegwa, a Client Service Manager at Corporate Staffing Services.

Whatever the reason, getting back to work is not an impossibility. How to successfullygo about it, is the problem.

How to job search

1. Contact A former Employer
There has to be that employer who you got along with. Contact them and make enquiries about job opportunities. You have to make it clear that you are not pushing for a job. Make a request that should they hear of any job opening that you qualify for, they should recommend you.

2. Be flexible
You might be a professional who has over five years experience under your belt, now, you are just an unemployed professional with a gap in your CV.
Whether you get an entry level job, or a job you do not think suits you, it is not the time to be picky. Take what you get and work your way up. You have to start from somewhere.

3. Be honest about your reasons for being ‘out’
Potential employers find it suspect when you have a gap in your CV. It could sometimes be interpreted as being lazy or unemployable.

Clearly and truthfully explain why you left the job market and this ill go a long way to ensuring that you gain the confidence of potential employers.

4. Stay Current
Being out of work for a long time will mean that you are not up to par with the latest technologies. Strive to research and keep yourself as updated as possible in order to remain relevant and competent in the job market.

5. Get back into working mode
Chances are that you have forgotten what it is like to work at someone else’s pace and meeting deadlines. You need to find a way to re-teach yourself the work ethic.

Volunteering is always a good place to start. This is because it will jumpstart your need to achieve more and reach targets.

Determination and positivity are what you will need most when you are job searching. It might take some time, but you will eventually get that job.

All the best in your search.