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6 Best Tips on How To Apply For A Job on LinkedIn

Posted by | March 20, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

“There are so many jobs that ask you to apply through LinkedIn. How do you do that?,” asks Elishiba Mathenge in an email.

Over the years, Human Resource managers have taken up the trend of recruiting through LinkedIn. Companies such as Google, Nokia, Airtel, KPMG, Phillips and Equity Bank are some of the companies that have taken up this trend. Having a perfect LinkedIn profile is essential for a successful application.

If you have a profile, here is how to apply for the jobs via LinkedIn:

1. Search for the jobs by clicking on jobs at the top of your home page.

2. If you are looking for a specific job title or a job with a known company. Type the name in the search box at the top.

3. For those looking to refine their job search, click on the advanced job search button. This gives you an option of finding your jobs by keyword, location, job title, company, job function, experience and industry.

4. Click on search to get the available jobs according to your specifications.

5. Click on a job title to view the full job description.

6. If you suit the requirements, click on Apply Now or Apply on company website. This varies with companies.

More tips on how to apply for a job through LinkedIn

Picking an apply now option allows you to apply directly using your LinkedIn profile. It also requires you to upload a CV or cover letter. You also have an option to follow the company to stay up-to-date on the latest news and career opportunities.

The advantage is that your LinkedIn network is not notified about your application activity.

When uploading your CV, ensure that it is less than 5 MB than in Microsoft Word or PDF only.

The apply on company website option directs you to the website to make an application. Follow the instructions to apply that are posted with the job. This can require you to create an account or apply via email depending on the company.

Finish your application by clicking on Submit.

Before application ensure that your LinkedIn profile can sell you to the employer.