6 Great Job Hunting Tips For Fresh Graduates

Posted by | August 16, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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Over the years the number of public and private universities and even colleges have increasingly gone high, this is due to the fact that there is demand for higher education by scores of Kenyans, however the number of graduates has recently rose compared to the availability of jobs in the offing due to economic and other factors beyond a jobseekers control.

Most fresh graduates are excited by the idea of completing studies but they are not aware of what is required of them in the job market; however there is some information that should be on your fingertips as you prepare yourself for the job market.

1. Clean up your social media

At this age most employers want to know more about their candidates before hand, social media searches come in handy as they provide details on the exact character of an individual.

Employers are looking to hire candidates who not only fit certain skill sets, but also have an appropriate presence outside of work. Don’t let an angry tweet, inappropriate share on Facebook or crazy Instagram picture hurt your reputation!

2. Draft a CV

Every employer requires your curriculum Vitae and therefore you need to have an up to date CV that best highlights your capabilities, however it is best advised to seek professional CV writers so that your profile details impress a potential employer.

3. Join a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are links to employers since they pool for candidates and conduct interviews on behalf of the employers, therefore subscribing to a certified recruitment agency will put you in the frontline when a position that suits your skills you arises.

4. Professional networking

This is a vital initiative for any graduate who is looking forward to a job opportunity, networking helps you meet with people who have experience in the field you have specialized in.

The same people can also refer you to other employers in the industry who are recruiting. You can also join college alumni associations and meet with previous graduates who are already in the industry.

5. Make yourself more employable

As the number of people graduating keeps increasing everyday in Kenya, it’s not all just about getting papers anymore. Finding new ways to make yourself more employable is just as important, like volunteering and interning.

Most graduates are not willing to intern since they feel belittled however, an internship gets your foot in the door – and even if it doesn’t end in you getting a job at that specific company, it can connect you with other opportunities, as well as serving as a reference source in the future.

6. Keep your interests at heart

Good graduate jobs can feel like slim pickings at times, so you might be tempted to apply to as many opportunities as you can find just because they say ‘graduate’ in the requirements even if you’re not interested in the job.

This is never a good idea since most of your life’s time is at the workplace, so signing yourself up to something you know you won’t enjoy is just asking to be miserable.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be open to something different Just make sure it’s something you can see yourself doing and enjoying.

A job hunt is never a walk in the park but if you keep yourself abreast with the trends in various industries then you stand a chance to get hired. All the best!!