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6 Tips To Help You Bounce Back After Being Fired

Posted by | March 19, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

“I was fired. I was not performing well at my previous job and the boss decided to discontinue my employment. What does a person do immediately they are fired? I am confused and helpless. Please help,” write Sylvester Mutiso in an email.

In the current job market, getting fired is every employee’s nightmare. Sometimes, like Sylvester’s case, it is inevitable. So what do you when you find yourself in this situation?

8Things to do when you get fired

1. Understand why you’ve been fired.
If you weren’t good in your job you were not a good fit. Take initiative and ask for an explanation on the areas you came up short in. Perhaps you did not enter data as fast as expected which affected the whole company.

Understand that it is something you did wrong and do not blame the boss for your inability to perform. Instead, use this to work on yourself.

2. Accept
Benson Ng’ang’a, a Human Resource Officer at Bata Foot Plus says that, “Depending on the reasons for your termination, the first thing is to accept the fact that you were fired. Stay positive about the issue.”

More tips on what to do immediately you are fired

3. Learn what you do best.
You have already figured out the reason you were fired so analyze your strengths. This will be important when you start looking for a new job and when you get invited fir interviews.

4. Update your CV
Once you deal with the frustration of losing your job, update your CV. Add any achievements you got from the job and target your CV to the industry you are eyeing.

An updated CV maximizes your potential as a candidate and also helps you get back on your feet.

5. Attend networking events.
Just because you feel ashamed that you lost a job, does not mean you should lock yourself up forever. Go out and network with friends, former colleagues and other professionals. They are good information about any available jobs and the latest industry trends.

6. Check your finances
Alison Green, a job search and career advice with HR experience says, “Assume that you might not find a new job for a few months. Review your budget and cut out any expenses you can.”

Getting fired is not the end of the world; be positive and follow these steps to get back on your feet.