How To Answer With Confidence Tell Me About Yourself In An Interview in 2017

Posted by | February 2, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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Job interviews can be tricky even to those job seekers who already have experience and have probably attended more than five interviews in their life time.

This week alone I have received about ten requests from individuals in their different levels of professions wanting to know how to answer with confidence tell me about yourself in an interview.

Melody Mwendwa an Interview preparation Coach at Corporate Staffing Services says that this is the first question an interviewer asks right after ushering you into his/her office so it very important that you prepare adequately for this question as it sets the mood on how the rest of the interview proceeds.

How To Answer With Confidence Tell Me About Yourself In An Interview

1. Name

When answering this question start by giving your full official name. This is not the time and place to give your nicknames, remember you are supposed to remain as professional as possible and you also don’t want to appear immature to the interviewer.

2. How to answer with confidence tell me about yourself in an interview-Age

Mentioning your age to the interviewer is very important; remember some positions seek for candidates within a certain age bracket. For this just mention your age, there are no explanations required unless asked a question.

3. Educational and Professional Qualifications

Describe what you have studied, the certificates you have. Start from the most recent to the last one and at this level you do not have to talk about your primary school education.

Also stick to the certifications, do not go into details of units covered as this will be a lot of information for the interviewer to take in all at once.

4. Work Experience

Remember this is the main reason you got invited for the interview. So it’s important that you read the job description before hand and understand what the recruiter is looking for.

On the interview, give relevant work experience and try as much as possible to link your experience to what is in the job description.
Same as your education background start with the most recent to the last one.

Makes sure to mention your achievements and those special skills you possess that distinguish you from other candidates who might be interviewing for the same position.

Like Ms. Mwendwa mentioned earlier, this is that first question you get to answer and it determines how the interviewer will carry on with the interview. Make sure that you stand out by making a lasting impression. Use this question to sell yourself to the interviewer by highlighting what you have that the company requires.

Do you have an interview question that makes you nervous when you attended an interview? You can get in touch with Melody who will help you on how to answer with confidence tell me about yourself in an interview plus other common interview question in Kenya through [email protected]

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