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BEST Sample Cover Letter For County Job Applications

Posted by | April 28, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth,

“I have come across a number of open positions in counties, but i have no idea on how to process an application. Could you please guide me on the best way to approach it?” asks Jackson Makau in an email.

Thanks to the introduction of devolution, one will rarely miss a county job for different positions.

So how do you draft a sample cover letter for a county job? The following is a perfect example of a county job in communication.

Martha Nereah,
P O box 4522-00100

27th April, 2015

The Secretary,
Shimoni County Public Service Board
PO box 6522-00100

Following the job advertisement at the county website, I am pleased to apply for the position of a Communication Officer in Shimoni county. Apart from my bachelor of arts in communication, I am also a motivated and enthusiastic communication professional with 2 years of working experience in communication, marketing and public relations.

Currently working as a Communication Consultant at Twiga Manufacturers, I am responsible for creating and supervising the writing of press releases, speeches, newsletters as well as handling all communication inquiries. I am also an experienced social media strategist who can create content for the company’s website using various social media platforms so as to expand its reach.

With a passion to work with the local communities, I have been an advocate of their rights by covering their plights in various media platforms. I would therefore welcome the opportunity to work for Shimoni county as a communication officer and help the community address its need in the best way possible.

My CV is attached for your perusal and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Thank you in advance.
Martha Nereah