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Best Way to Tackle the Salary Question in an Interview

Posted by | May 6, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

How to Answer a salary expectation question in an interview
Kennedy Okoth

You have gone through the gruesome part of the interview and have performed well in as far as you are concerned then the final question is dropped. “What is your salary expectation for this position?”

This question always tends to throw most interviewees off balance, especially in entry level jobs where as a graduate you are trying to secure your first paying job after a stream if internships.

You might have outdone yourself in as far as the previous questions were concerned, but how you answer this question is vital to as to whether the employer considers you for the position.

How to Answer the Salary Question in an Interview

This question does not only pose problems to both entry level applicants only, but also applicants that have previously been employed.

Basically, you are trying to put to worth your knowledge and experience in line with the position you are applying for. That is basically why there are job groups that are accompanied with their salary range in most organizations be it in the government or the private sector.

For entry level jobs, which is what most recent graduates should go for, it is advised you research on the position you are applying not only in terms of skills required but also in terms of grading.

When doing this, pay attention to the size of the organization you are applying for, is it small, medium or a large company. Taylor your salary expectation in line with this.

The best way to answer a salary expectation question in an interview

However, most government jobs rarely ask this question since the salaries are well documented in line with the position (Grade).

As a recent graduate, your first job is not the last but rather a start towards your career ladder therefore there is need to treat this question with caution without coming out as desperate or over-ambitious.

It is further advisable to give a close range when responding to this question rather than giving a fixed value. This is a safe option since the range might fall within the required salary. However, when giving this range try to give it as close as possible say 35,000 to 40,000.