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Can I Apply For More Than One Post In The Same Company?

Posted by | September 9, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

Kate Wanjiru writes in an email

“I have been looking for an Administration Assistant job for the longest time ever. I came across 4 different administration related roles all in the same organization. I am thinking of applying for the 4 posts since i believe i have the right qualifications.

Can i apply for more than one post in an organization without seeming desperate? Are there any specific steps to take in this situation and will it hurt my chances of being shortlisted?” she asks.

It can be quite exciting when a company of your dreams advertises for positions you are interested to. In most cases, you are tempted to apply for the different jobs all at once with the hope of getting shortlisted.

That being said, Is It Advisable To Apply For More Than One Post?

Justus Ngetich, a Recruitment Account Manager at Corporate Staffing Services that it is acceptable to apply for the posts ONLY if you qualify for the roles.

It also depends with the industry you are applying for as well as your level of expertise. For instance, there may arise several sales positions in different regions.

However, this should not be confused with job seekers who apply for each and every single position. To increase your chances of being shortlisted, try to limit yourself to positions that are in line with your skills as well as your qualifications.
Submitting your CV for every single position listed is a turnoff as it only demonstrates your lack of focus and direction. Worse still, it can cost you to be blacklisted by recruiters.

Nobody says that job searching is an easy but having a sober approach to it is the way to go. Rather than applying for 100 jobs which you don’t qualify, how about targeting two positions that you are sure of being shortlisted?

All the best in job searching.