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CV Writing Tips: Is It Necessary to Include Your Age?

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

We all want to land that dream job, but sometimes you feel too young or too old for the job. For those looking to change careers it is a little bit harder to convince the employer that you are the right candidate.

“Does including my age make a difference in a job application?” asks Maureen Ndiwa in an email.

Is it really necessary to include your age in your CV?

Florence Mukunya, a certified CV Writer and career advisor says that it is, adding that some job descriptions will guide you on what to include in your CV.

“If the job description requires someone aged between 20-26 years, then ensure that you include your age or date of birth. If it is requested age discrimination should not be a problem to a job seeker,” she explains further.

She also adds that employers are usually careful not to employ an underage individual or someone who will retire soon.

It is important to note that employers cannot throw away your application because of your age unless they indicated it in the job description.

How to include age in your CV

Ms. Mukunya also gives the following tips on how to indicate age in your CV.

It can be listed in the career objective section. For example “I have over 3 years experience in Accounts where I have mastered the use of the Sage accounting software…”

It can also be listed in the personal details section where you indicate “Date of Birth: 23rd March 1987”

If the job description demands that you include it, put it across this way “As a 25 year old Administration professional, I possess excellent communication skills…”

“At the end of the day, when it comes to indicating age on your CV, let the job description guide you,” she concludes.