CV Writing Tips & Tricks: 3 Ways On How To Write Your Achievements To Land An Interview!

Posted by | July 20, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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“How important are achievements on a CV and what is the best way to right them?” asks Joel, via e-mail.

Joel is among the many job seekers who don’t include their achievements in their CV. What he doesn’t realize is that he may be limiting his chances of getting a job by stating his job duties and omitting his achievements. So just how important are achievements and what is the best way to write them?

I sought the advice of Margaret Komora, a professional CV writer at Corporate staffing Services, to find out how to you should write your achievements on your CV.

3 Ways On How To Write Your Achievements!

1.So why are achievements on a CV important?

One, they make your CV stand out. “Achievements are one of your biggest selling points, so use them.”

Two, achievements show your potential employer what you are capable of achieving and possibly what you could do for their company. “An employer wants to look at your achievements, and then, if he did that for them, imagine what he could do for us!”

Three, according to an interesting research conducted by the authors of ‘Brilliant CV: What employers want to see & how to say it’, applicants with achievement-focused CVs were THREE TIMES more likely to be shortlisted for an interview compared to applicants with duties-focused CVs.

2. And what exactly should go in the achievements section?

Any of the following could apply; awards won, promotions, trained/educated others, completed important projects on time and within budget, increased sales figures (give the actual percentage or figure), election to certain leadership post(committees, charities etc), leader/captain of certain club/organization, participation in the organization of fun fairs, open days etc.

3. And where exactly do achievements go on the CV?

According to Ms. Margaret, the best place would be immediately below your academic qualifications.

In regards to how they should be written, she states that achievements should have bold titles, be brief and straight to the point. Below is an example.

Ms. Wambui finishes off by stating that when using your achievements, ensure you’re being honest. Don’t go around exaggerating them as employers will check your claims. If you lie, you’ll automatically be disqualified or face dismissal and criminal charges if you have been hired.

In conclusion, if you’ve simply been ommitting your achievements, start using them now. Remember, having an achievements section on your CV will give you a higher chance of getting an interview and probably landing the job.