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Documents You Should Never Forget When Attending Job Interviews

Posted by | October 22, 2014 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

The job interview is your best chance to impress or worse suffer the consequences of not getting that call again.

Preparation is very vital and will send a signal to your interviewer that you are taking the job offer more seriously.

Here are 5 crucial documents you should have when attending that job interview.

David Mureithi, a Human Resource officer at Transport and Lifting gives his thoughts on the issue.

First of all, a Complete CV should be in the list and one which is fully updated. This is because it signifies that you are up to date with  your career, Mr. Mureithi advices.

“This is the only chance when you are asked to provide it and risking is not an option. It gives the interviewer enough room to decide on your suitability.” He says.

“Secondly you should have copies of your certificates both photocopied and original,” he advises.

“Carrying all of them will show that your seriousness, for instance, being in possession of all your 8-4-4 certificates will give your interviewers the chance to evaluate you properly.” Mr. Mureithi says.

“Thirdly you should also be in possession of your recommendation letter particularly from your former employers,” he says.

What is the importance of the recommendation letter?

“One of the reasons why it is important is because it is an indication that you were not a bad employee and that you left your previous job in good faith. In this way someone tends to be positive on you,” he suggests.

“Fourthly, you should carry your testimonials” he adds.

“Be aware that Different interviewers ask different information. You may be surprised that as one wants to know how you performed in college, the other one will want to know your behavior in primary school and then judge you based on that,” he opines.

“Lastly, if you happen to have award certificates or references the better,” he says.

“Some awards or certificates you acquired whether in primary or secondary school may help them know your potential.

Apart from you presenting your case in getting the job, your bases are well supported.” He adds.

And his parting shot?

“Please note that in the current job market, competition is very stiff. It is never easy to get a second chance because you are not even guaranteed that you will get the job. So make no excuses for not carrying these crucial documents,” he concludes.