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Do You Dread Losing Your Job? 4 Things To Do Now

Posted by | July 14, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

Being laid off from your job is probably the worst fear for most employees in Kenya. You never know when your company has been hard hit by the economy and is now cutting down on staff to save itself.

Earlier in June, it was reported that Standard Group would be laying off over 200 employees following a performance review. Such situations are bound to cause anxiety among the staff and may result to dire consequences; everyone reacts differently to bad situations.

To get through the lay off phase in your company, here is what you should do.

4 Things To Do When Your Company Is Laying Off Employees

1. Always assume you are on the list

The common mistake that most employees make is believing they are not among the people being cut off from the company. This assumption could ruin your career when you get the surprise notice that your time at the organization is finished.

To avoid this, always believe you are on the list and plan your exit. It may be tough but having a strategy on the go will be better than not having any.

2. Become a little more valuable than your co-worker

Do not just work at being the best at what you do,but ascertain you are the best among your colleagues. Knowing for sure might give you the edge you need during the lay off, so try and do as much as you can even when you think the job is not part of your duties.

When you become more valuable than the rest, it is easy for your name to be crossed off the list.

3. Keep your attitude in check

A bad attitude is a sure recipe to get you fired. You may have been hired because you were extremely qualified for the position and you passed your aptitude and personality test, but if you developed a bad attitude along the way, then expect to be on the list.

Sometimes being the best is not enough when your attitude is at risk of putting the company’s reputation at risk.

4. Work for an extra hour every day

Do you always check in and leave work at the exact time stipulated in your contract? Do you meet a full house when you get to the office and clock out among the first? If you do, chances are you are at the top of the list despite you finishing your tasks in time.

Employers will keep the staff they know can work extra time when need be and you don’t meet the profile.

Being laid off can be tough but make sure you have an exit plan for when your company stops depending on you.