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Going For An Interview? Why You Will Need A Professional Interview Coach

Posted by | June 22, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

If you haven’t been to a job interview, you might underestimate what is expected of you. You also might prepare in all the wrong ways and end up making a fool of yourself in the interview room.

To avoid this, it is always important to seek the advice of a professional coach who will take you through the necessary steps depending on the position applied for as well as company.

“Interview coaching is very important for jobseekers, especially at entry-level because candidates have not been to an interview setting before. It prepares you for what is to come and gives you the confidence you need,” says Melody Mwendwa, an Interview Coach at Corporate Staffing Services.

Why Is Interview Coaching Important?

1. You become more confident
Whether you are new in the job market or you have been to various job interviews before, anxiety is a key determinant to all and it can bring down your confidence.
For this reason, seeking the help of an interview coach will be your solution. They take you through the interview questions to expect and guide you towards providing the best answers.

2. You are able to understand job requirements better
Sometimes even after applying to a job and being called to the interview, you are not clear about the roles required for the job. Some employers are more specific while others scanty, and this might be a challenge when preparing for the interview. You end up rehearsing for the wrong questions. To avoid this, consult a professional and be certain of what is to come.

3. Future Interviews become a walk in the park
Your first interview may be your worst nightmare, especially if you really want the job and are not sure if you’re well prepared. Instead of going for an interview with doubt, it is advisable to engage a professional coach to be sure. It will only take 1 hour of your time, but will be of use to future interviews.

In a job market like Kenya’s, it is important that you are one step ahead of other jobseekers. Give the employer a reason to hire you by knowing what you want and working towards it.

Make friends with recruiting firms and you will not be sorry. All the best in your next interview.