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Going For A Job Interview? 5 Ways To Dress For Success

Posted by | May 28, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

Ever been Invited for an interview and you just had no clue on how to make yourself presentable? Grooming is an important part of the interview process.

“You will be judged by how you dress,so you have to sell yourself before your interviewer sees your CV”, says Muthoni Ndegwa,a Client Service Manager at Corporate Staffing Services

Grooming for an interview is not just about the clothes you wear, it is everything that represents who you are during the interview. Here are five things that you should pay close attention to on the day of an interview.

5 Ways To Dress For An Interview

1. Presentable Outfit
This is an outfit that is neat, smart and official. It is what will help you make a positive first impression to your potential employer.
When in doubt about the presentability of an outfit, a suit is always the safest bet.

2. Portfolio
Attending an interview will require you to bring all your certificates with you. Portfolios give a neat and organized way to store certificates as well as making it easy to present them.

3. Neat ,Professional Hairstyle

In grooming we sometimes neglect the little things. For you to create a positive impression during your interview,you have to ensure that your hair doesn’t send the wrong message about you.

4. Mild Perfume
While donning perfume is a good idea, the choice of the perfume should be carefully considered. Strong perfumes tend to irritate and they may well interrupt your interview if your interviewer is affected by it.

5. Limited or no Jewelry
Jewelry tends to cling together and becomes clumsy when overdone. In case you can avoid wearing it, you should.

Make an effort to appear presentable on your next interview,it may mean the difference between your being selected for the job or not.

Good luck in your next interview.