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Help! My Boss is ALWAYS in a Bad Mood

Posted by | April 2, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Apart from a good salary, the next best thing is having a boss who is professionally mature and appreciates your efforts as an employee. Unfortunatley, Lydia Wanjiku* is a troubled lady who feels that if she stays in her office for one more week she might lose her job.

This is her story:

“The moment you meet my boss, she appears to be a warm and welcoming person because she is always smiling and laughing with the people in the office. This is the reverse when it comes to staff meetings and when there are no clients in the office.

As an Administration Assistant in the company, my job entails calling her for directions on a particular thing or scheduling meetings for her. She is very reactive. A simple mistake such as knocking at her office door at the wrong time or not answering a question within the first three seconds sets her in a bad mood the whole day.

My boss is too moody and it is affecting my work

In a way this is affecting my career because she is too moody and unpredictable. Anytime she spends the whole day in the office, it is chaotic.

One day she is doing great and she is smiley and the next day she is shouting at everyone. Those are the days she criticizes your work, mocks your ability to do a certain task and deems your work for the day as stupid.

My moody boss will make me lose my job

I am a hard worker, but I am no mind reader to know when she is in a good mood or not. I feel that I am treading on eggshells and if I make a mistake I might as well lose my job. What should I do before her emotions affect my work productivity?

I do not know what to do because her mood swings are frustrating and I might lose my job.