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Top 4 Things You MUST Consider Before Applying For Any Job

Posted by | July 2, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

I have been applying for so many jobs, but I have never got any positive response. I am still job searching. It is so frustrating,”shares Karume Mugo via email.

His sentiments are shared by many job seekers out there. The most interesting thing is that what they do not know, is that the fault could very well be theirs. Did you know that the way you respond to a job advert matters a great deal?

What To Consider Before Applying

1. Only apply if you match at least 75% of the job qualifications.
The truth is that applying for a job that you do not qualify for is like winking in the dark;it will have no effect whatsoever. You have to remain realistic in your job search.

Being ambitious is a good thing, but don’t overdo it. Keep your search limited to the experience and qualifications that you know you possess.

2. The location of the job
Most job seekers neglect to pay close attention to the location where the job is being offered. It has to be around where you live. You cannot ,for example apply for a job in Busia when you reside in Mombasa unless, you have no problem with moving.

Carefully consider the cost, implications and requirements for moving before taking such a big step. Remember that you are only starting out and savings go a long way in ensuring your comfort.

3. Is the advert still valid
Have you ever stumbled upon a job advert and immediately applied for it, then later realized the application date has passed? Be keen to check all the details in a job advert before rushing to respond to it.

Can you imagine how long you will have to wait for a response? To avoid frustration and waiting in vain, ensure that you scrutinize every detail in an advert before applying for it.

4. Is there any payment that you are required to make
Sometimes the need to get a job may stand in the Way of clear judgement. If you see a job advert directing you to part with some cash, chances are that it is not a genuine job. You will part with your cash and all you will be left with is bitterness and joblessness.

Do not apply for jobs that require you to deposit any amount of money for whatever purposes. Real employers will offer you competitive salaries,not ask you to line their pockets.

Be a smart job seeker. Keep your head up and eventually you will land that job.wishing you the best in your job search.