Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Were Not Shortlisted For A Job Interview

Posted by | August 3, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

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By Mutuma Evans

“Why didn’t you shortlist me for that job and I applied? That’s unfair?”

This is a sad frequent question I usually receive from candidates. Why did the employer not shortlist or rather call you for the first interview when you had really thought it was your best shot to land yourself your first job or the job you wanted?

Honestly, there ought to be so many reasons why you were not shortlisted for that job you thought you met the minimum qualifications.

Job searching is not easy and it’s more like marketing which needs you to package yourself so as to stand out from the crowd(so many applicants in a single open job, I mean thousands).

Let’s explore together these simple reasons why you were not picked.

1. Your Qualifications

Employers fail to shortlist you if you don’t possess the required education qualifications that are key to that job and if you lack relevant experience within that role or industry.

For example, let’s say the position requires 3 years experience in FMCG sales and you have 4 years or more experience in sales but not in FMCG products. This means that you have experience in sales but not FMCG which further depicts the recruiter will pick those with relevant experience within that industry.

Another scenario is where your credentials are a good match but you fail to be shortlisted because there are stronger candidates. You have 3 years in accounting but you are applying for an accounts intern position.

This means you are out of place and over qualified which means you did not take the job description seriously which is the first step to tailoring your CV and applying for jobs that you qualify for.

2. Salary Expectation

Sometimes I wonder why a candidate would apply for a position paying much lower than his/her current salary, but maybe they did not look at the job description and just forwarded their CV.

Honestly speaking there is no employer who will pick a very expensive candidate beyond the company’s budget when they can get somebody equally qualified and pay them less.

Always apply for positions on your pay level or omit indicating your last/current salary if you are willing to take the pay the job is offering.

3. Making Late Applications

Why am I talking about late application? Very simple, you applied later than other well qualified candidates.

This simply means that the recruiter went through the first few CVs and successfully found well qualified candidates before he/she could open your CV and see how qualified you are.

Always apply as soon as possible, don’t wait.

4. The job location

Sometimes an employer may prefer local candidates which means that if you are not from the foresaid local area you will not be shortlisted for that position no matter your experience/qualification.

For instance, the employer may be looking to employ sales people from Kitui which means he /she needs candidates who are well versed with the area.

It’s very important to go through the job description before applying for that job you want so much.

5. Gender/Age

Sometimes employers will indicate on the job description the age and gender of the preferred candidates for the position.

Am sure you were not shortlisted because you applied a ladies job and you are a man or you are a lady and you thought there are no good enough men for the position.

Other times you are not shortlisted because you are either old or young for the job which will always be clearly indicated on the job description.

Many employers will take time to notify applicants that they were rejected. If you haven’t heard back, you may still have a shot at securing an interview and it will not cost you anything to call and let the employer know you applied and you are really interested in the same position, this will give you an extra advantage over other candidates.