4 Ways Your Personality Influences Your Job Performance

Posted by | August 16, 2016 | careers

Did you know that your personality is a key determinant when it comes to making career decisions? Your personality is what determines how well you will blend into a particular work environment or how much you will not. It is also because of your personality type that you either end up in a role that you love or one that you really hate, and also the reason you end up quitting a high-paying job to take up one that doesn’t pay as good.

With the changing Kenyan job market, employers are becoming very particular on the type of person they hire. That is why you will find some asking for psychometric test scores as part of their recruitment process. If you lack in this, then you risk losing to an equally qualified candidate who took time to find out their personality type.

So, do you know your personality type?

One of the ways you can identify with your personality is by taking a psychometric test, and if you are yet to be convinced, here is how your personality type determines your career success.

How Your Personality Affects Your Work

1. Your relationship with co-workers

Your co-workers usually play a big role in your career success or failure as they can either make your job easy or difficult. If you are able to get along well with your colleagues without constant irritation, then you probably enjoy going to work every morning even though you don’t like your job that much. But if you have a problem with your colleagues and keep wondering why they behave a certain kind of way, then you probably hate going to work even if you love what you do.

You cannot work well if you do not get along with your colleagues, especially if your job demands working in teams. By knowing your personality, you can choose the right job and working environment where you won’t have to worry about getting along with your colleagues.

2. Job Satisfaction

Most employees in Kenya hate what they do and the common reason why this is so is because they are not working in a place that matches their personality. If you do not like interacting with people on a daily basis and you work in a front office role, then you probably hate every waking day you have to work. The same applies to people who like being out and about but are stuck in a desk job from 8 to 5.


To achieve satisfaction, you should be in a position that allows you to do what you really love. And this is where knowing your personality comes in handy.

3. Simple Mistakes on the Job
Is your boss always calling you out on mistakes that you make in your daily tasks? Are the visits to your boss’ office for scolding on a project that went wrong or passed deadline more than the praises ?

If this is happening, then it may be time to re-evaluate what you are good at because you are clearly not good at what you do and the next thing that might be coming your way is a 2 weeks’ notice that you are fired. Consider taking a psychometric test today to figure out your personality and match the results to a career that best suits you.

4. Your personality type and getting a promotion

Everyone wants to get promoted or at least that is what most employees look forward to. A promotion usually means more pay, power and a corner office with a great view. Who wouldn’t want that? But for one to get a promotion, you must portray capability to deliver and in most cases that will mean more than a good performance. You might be the best performing employee but every time people get promoted, you never make the cut.

Most people get overlooked for promotions because of their personalities, which their bosses use as a determining factor. Knowing your personality can help you identify with this issue early enough and hence approach your boss in person to make your case. You never know; that could change your boss’ perspective on your leadership skills. Also, find out here why employers are asking for your psychometric test score today

Employers and recruiters will always take your personality into consideration when filling open positions, so it is up to you to make sure that you are applying to the right vacancy. Take a psychometric test today and identify with your personality so you land a role that puts you in the right direction to achieving success in your career.