5 Job Search Tips For Successful Online Applications

Posted by | December 15, 2016 | careers

We are all blessed to have the internet today, where we can access all the information and help that we might need, including jobs.

The traditional way of looking for jobs 10 years ago was through Newspapers and you will admit that the competition when applying for jobs posted on the papers is very high because many people get to see these jobs, right?

Thankfully, we now have online media platforms that make it easier for you to get a job with different companies and organizations.

So, how can you become successful in your online job search? What must you take into consideration when hunting for your dream job?

Here are 5 great tips for a Successful Online Job Search

1.Choose job sites carefully

Even as you look for jobs online, you have to be careful about which sites you are using to conduct your search. Now that many people are using the internet to source for jobs, others are taking advantage of this by posting jobs that either don’t exist or jobs that require you to cough large amounts of money to secure a place.

With that in mind, ensure that you research on the companies advertised to be hiring. You can also go ahead and send an email to the company to confirm if indeed they are hiring.

Also, use your discretion when you come across a job that requires you to pay certain amounts of money. The majority of companies in Kenya do not ask for any fee to interview with them. Therefore, choose sites that have a good reputation online, sites that are known to post jobs that are true.

2. Set up Email Job alerts

Since vacancies are advertised everyday from different companies and organizations, you should subscribe to job email alerts.

This will make you automatically know of new job listings every day.  Another advantage of setting up job alerts is that you will have the advantage of applying for jobs as soon as they are posted.

This is bearing in mind that employers interview candidates on the basis of the applications made immediately. It’s always done on a rolling basis. The faster you submit your application, the better.

3. Keep your job search focused

To avoid getting frustrated in your job search because you are not receiving any feedback from the applications you have made, ensure that you only apply for jobs you qualify for.

Majority of the time, job seekers apply for jobs they are not qualified for and unfortunately, their job search becomes very stressful and unsuccessful because they fail to get any interview invitations.

With that in mind, be focused on jobs that you are 100% sure you qualify for in terms of working experience, education qualifications etc.

4. Write a Customized Cover Letter

It’s so important to write a Customized Cover Letter that shows how you will effectively deliver and perform in the roles outlined in the job advertised. This, you can do by providing information about your skills and expertise that will enable you to be the suitable person for the role.

5. Clean up your CV and Cover Letter

Having an excellent CV and Cover Letter is the most important aspect of job search. Use your CV to shine and make an excellent impression when the employer looks it.

Before you submit your application, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and that the font type and size are the same for all the sections of your CV.

Have a clean and presentable CV that will make the employer want to interview you.

Also, update your CV with all the relevant information, including a short part time job you had, a volunteering activity you were involved in, or a short certificate course you enrolled in.

The goal here, is to make sure that you send a great CV with all the information up to date.

Searching for a job online should not be difficult. The internet has made it easier to land a job and all the information you need with writing your CV or Cover letter is available. With the above tips, you can make your online search a great experience and ultimately secure a great job.