Interview Question and Answer: How to Answer “What Do You Know About Us?”

Posted by | December 19, 2016 | careers

By Michelle Wanjiku

Most people do not know what to say when asked this question; they don’t know how to start or what to talk about. Sadly this is one of the questions you need to answer well if you have any hope of landing the job. After all, if you do not know anything about the organisation, then why should they even hire you?

Researching and finding out more on the company before the interview will show the employer that you take initiative which will give you an edge in the end.

According to Perminus Wainaina Head of Recruitment at Corporate Staffing Services,

You should avoid giving visions and mission of the organisation. Pointing out the mission and goals is not important and adds no value. So, there is no point in cramming them because it shows you didn’t really take time to learn about the company but instead just copied what was on the site.

How to Answer the Question

Talk about products and services

Take this opportunity to show you are well versed on the products and services offered by the organisation. Before the interview, take time to study what the company does. The employer wants to know that you are both interested in and conversant with the company.

Being able to talk about the company’s products and services will make a good impression on the employer which then increases your chances of getting the job.

Talk about management

You can even go further and talk about the management of the company. What you found out about its management in terms of style. This not only proves that you know about the company but it also shows that unlike others who skimmed on the surface you took time to learn more about the organisation which is a great way to show that you are a fit for the position.

News items

If the organisation has been in the news for good reasons, you can mention a few stories you came across. For example, if the company recently won an award you can mention it briefly. This shows the employer you are truly interested in the organisation which will come in handy when they are selecting a candidate.

Talk about being a customer.

If you happen to use one of their products or have been a customer at a certain time then this is a good time to mention it. Keep in mind that you should not lie because you might be asked questions that you cannot answer on the product which will ruin your chances at getting the job.

Talk about why you use their product and why you like it. This will build more faith in you.

Remember the more you know the better however, there should be a balance, you cannot spend more than three five minutes talking about the company. Keep your answer brief but detailed. In order to answer this question well you need to have done a lot of research on the organisation and not just going through their website.